Devry – Term Seven

I completed this semester with great difficulty. I mean, I got three B’s! Ok.. ok.. I’m just kidding. But it still sucks to get B’s. Not that I didn’t deserve them though. I really, really slacked it this semester. I waited until the last minute to practically do everything. We had almost all semester to do our project plan, and we waited until two weeks before it was due to even start the thing. But it turned out nicely, and the only reason I got a B in the project management class was because I did really bad on a test.

Our Control Systems course was extremely difficult. The tests were really straight forward, however, I just didn’t study for the right material when it came to the tests. My best test was an 82, and the last test I got back was a 60. I just totally blew it in that class. The only reason I got a B was because I did good on the final. The lab was another story. I barely got an A in that. Talk about a 90% on the dot. My problem with that lab course was I was pulled away from classes for my grandfather’s funeral. The week really killed me in lab. We were behind from then on, meaning late points, and even more late points. The faculty assistant was a dickhead to us, and wouldn’t give us any points for partially working projects. One lab in particular, a temperature control lab, took us four weeks to do. After working on the thing for three weeks, we got it to partially work and the FA gave us a 75 with no points for the lab properly working. This set my lab partner and I off, so we strived to do better the next week and redo the lab. We attempted the unthinkable, and did three labs on the FINAL week of the term. This was almost a suicical attempt, because if we didn’t get these labs done, we would’ve failed the course. But we got a 90 on our temp lab, and a 100 on the two other labs. Needless to say, my lab partner and I are GOOD!

Dramatic literature was probably the most enjoyable course I’ve had yet at Devry. We analyzed films and plays. For some weird reason, this was appealing to me. I tend to notice stupid little things that nobody else does, and this class took full advantage of my stupid little habit. I got an A in that one! We had to write this six page research paper for that class, and I basically wrote it in one day. I don’t give myself credit enough for my writing skills, but I will say this… I kick ass when it comes to rough drafts! My 2nd draft earned me a 93 on the paper. There were only four A’s in the class on the paper.

The Physics II Course I took should’ve been an easy A. In fact, I should’ve had an A in that class. I ended up getting an 88 in that class. Our physics professor allowed us to do corrections to boost up our test scores, and if I only did that I would’ve had an A. This is the one class I basically chose to have a B in. Stupid Ronald.

Overall, this term was really good. I think I’ve finally got my priorities straight. I was really lazy in this semester because I had NO motivation. But I’ve found it. I’m my own motivation. I’m doing this for me! I’m truely talented at learning new things, from computers, to electronics, to web page design, to everything! I could be an orthopedic surgeon, a writer, a photographer… ANYTHING!!! This degree is going to mean so much to me when I graduate in eight months because it’s something I’ve earned and something NOBODY can take away from me. Thanks for reading. See ya next term.

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