Devry – Term Nine

My last and final semester ever at DeVry! So how as it? A lot worse than I thought it would be.

More than likely, I made this semester a lot harder than it was due to the fact that I was just plain burnt out. I mean, after eight straight semesters of schools with miniscule breaks, working retail at Walgreens, and pulling off above average grades, stuff ends up getting to you. I grew irritable, tired, exhausted… BURNT! Plus, having the the realization that four months from now I was gonna be tossed in the lion’s pit doesn’t really give an extra boost of motivation. Regardless, I went into this semester knowing it was my last and not knowing what to do from here on out.

My Advanced Communications Class was relatively straight forward. The professor of that class bored the crap out of me, so naturally I had trouble staying awake in that class. The first test I totally bombed. I got like a 67%. I knew I wasn’t going to get an A from then on out. Now was the realization that I could actually get a C in the class. There was no way in hell I was going to let myself get a C on my very last semester at DeVry. I HAD to do better on my next test. After some hardcore studying I got an 83% on the next test. Better, but I was still going to get a C unless I did very well on the next test. So for the last and final test, I studied and studied and studied and studied. I ended up getting an astonishing 98% on the last test, solidifying my B for the course.

Embedded Micro Systems, which is essentially programming an Altera Board (the same crap we did as freshmen), was a blow off course. The lectures were a joke, and so were the tests. The only thing that was remotely difficult was the labs. I chose to not have a partner for the Altera labs, and I think I made a wise choice. Sometimes when it comes to stuff like that, I work better alone. Now I was in danger of getting a B for the course, but I got extra credit for a lab and ended up getting a mid 90 A.

Economics was probably the hardest course of the semester in terms of motivation. The extra credit each week was easy, and if I would have done it, I would’ve gotten an A in the course. I missed an A in the class by about 30 points (there were about 1200 overall). The tests were really difficult to study for, but I was able to make a study sheet that held very helpful information for the tests. The first two tests I got B’s on, and I got A’s on the tests from there on out. I did fairly well in the class, but I still got a B. Like I said, I BARELY missed an A in the class.

Social Issues was probably the most entertaining class of the semester. The professor really knew his stuff and held really interactive lectures. I did a paper for his class, which was about cell phones. To my knowledge, I was the only one who got an A on that paper. The professor is a really hard grader, and for some reason I just had the writing skills he liked. I had the professor back in the third semester and I got an A on all of his papers. The cell phone and other papers should be under stories under my website. On top of that, we had to do a group presentation on the social impact of a topic. Our group chose airplanes. We were the only group to get an A on the presentation. In fact , nobody even came close to our score. Only two people got A’s. As you can imagine, I was one of them. 🙂

As graduation grew near, I wasn’t really nervous. I wasn’t excited. I wasn’t proud of myself and my accomplishments. I was glad it was over. I was glad I had reached the end of the tunnel. But I had to shield myself from the oncoming realization that the real world is unfriendly towards new college grads. I didn’t want to end up at Walgreens forever. But the only way to even have the possibility of moving up is education, and I have finally gotten my bachelors. Now onto my next adventure.

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