Devry – Term Five

A lot of weird things happened this semester to me. The most memorable moment was when I was walking home and almost got robbed. Another memorable event was going home for Christmas and seeing my dad, and going to the Sum 41 concert with my friends.

I kinda shrugged off the “almost getting robbed” notion. Those guys were punks so I’m not gonna really get paranoid over it. It was kinda lucky how we got to the Sum 41 concert. My friend’s car broke down, so we had to take the bus. The bus didn’t take us all the way to Club Rio(which is where it was at). We ended up about five miles away from the club. We decided to eat at Burger King first before we tried to head out. I tried to go outside and call a cab. I never got through. That’s when my friends all walked outside. We saw a cab in the neighboring parking lot. We ran for it, but the guy said he wouldn’t take all five of us (my roommate, me, my friend Eric, my friend Ernie and his girlfriend). Just as that dude was rejecting us, another guy pulled up in his car and asked us where Club Rio was at. We said yeah… that’s where we’re trying to go. He said hop in, and we crammed in his backseat. To sum it up, the concert was awesome!

Going to see my dad was cool too. I never felt more spoiled in my adult life. That’s ok. Everyone needs to be spoiled every now and then.

Now onto the subject of school. This term ended up a lot harder than I thought it was. It was kinda weird how we were thrown back into programming (c++). I remembered most of it from third term. The rest of my classmates, however, didn’t really get a grasp of it back then, so they really struggled to get through this semester. Devices got a lot more complex with op-amps and such, but it was alright. English was more of a nuisance, but it really helped my senior project team get it’s priorities straight. We decided to do a paper on our senior project, and the report we had to do was the first test to see if we could work well together. Our paper kicked butt! Microprocessors 2 was really cool because I found some applications for our senior project that we’re going to be doing in two terms.

In complexity, this term was fairly hard. We had four labs a week. Which is about 7 hours of lab a week. For each lab, a report or program had to be written. That consumed a lot of extra time. Plus the classes gave out homework assignments, and tested you on top of that. Kinda sucks, but I guess that’s how some people learn. I came out on top, but a lot of people didn’t. Anyways, that’s it for Term 5. After next semester, I’ll be a college senior. Woo hoo!

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