Devry – Term Eight

If it wasn’t for the senior project, I think this term would’ve been a piece of cake. However, because of the senior project, it wasn’t! This term was the hardest for me academically due to the fact that I really didn’t have my priorities straight.

Every week our senior project team would meet and go over what was needed in order to get done on time. Even though we started early, we still came under a time crunch. Our ability to work under pressure paid off, but our project still didn’t work exactly as planned.

In my digital controls class, I should’ve had an easy A. I had the professor four times previously, and I was used to his testing style. However, stupid mistakes had me going into the final with a high-60 test average because of an F on one of the tests. I went into the final with probably a 75%. I must have done really well on the final because I ended up getting a B for the course. The thing that kicked me in the butt was this last take home exam. This should’ve been an easy A, but I didn’t get everything the professor wanted and he marked me off half. So I basically got a 50% on the test. That shot my hopes of getting an A out of the water.

In my Data Communication/Networking class, I found the professor and the material really dry. I just couldn’t fine relevance to the material being taught. Plus, I am a horrible test taker when it comes to trick questions. Most the tests had a lot of trick questions. I did fine on the first two, but the last one I got a 60 % on because of stupid mistakes. The final was the same way as the last test. I think I bombed that thing. When I got my final grades, I ended up having a C for the course. However, after meeting with the instructor, it turned out that he miscalculated one of the grades. I ended up with a B for the course.

My Career Development class was pretty easy. We hardly had any homework or tests in the class. The final was a common sense fill in the blank test. We had two major assignments in the class, which consisted of a company research project and a portfolio. The research project took a lot of time because we had to find nitpicky details about three companies. The portfolio was more of a hassle because you just had to throw something together right before the last final. The class was an easy A.

History was another story. My history class was fairly interesting this term. The subject matter was somewhat intriguing, but the professor was something worth going for. Our professor was ultra-sensitive to students, and when one student was missing, the professor would throw a hissy-fit. It came to the point that the professor was lecturing us more on missing class than the subject matter. Finally, the students got fed up and walked out on the instructor. He finally cleaned up his act and we got on with the lectures. The first test of his I bombed because I wasn’t used to his tests. I got a 77%. The next test was a 96%, and the one after that a 90%. I’m pretty sure I got a 100% on the final, or damn close for that matter. We had a 10-page research paper in that class, and I’m pretty sure I did well on it. After all, I did get an A in that class.

The senior project was more a pain in the ass than anything else. We basically had it working, but it wasn’t working exactly correct. For some reason we were getting random signals being inputted into the manifold. We couldn’t isolate the problem. I’m sure I could figure what happened now, but why bother? The whole thing with industry was kind of dumb too. We were open to the public from 9am – 12:30pm. Then from 12:30pm – 4pm, the lab was closed to industry judging. We waited for three and a half hours for three groups of judges to come see us. So basically the whole time we were waiting and being bored out of our minds. I would have preferred if all three judges came at you one right after the other. That way a senior project group would have thirty minutes straight of presentations, and then they would be able to take a much-needed break.

Besides the last rant, the term went pretty good. Overall, I think I did fairly well in all of my classes. Next term should be pretty easy compared to this one.

I graduate in four months! I would have never imagined that I could make it this far. Thanks for reading. See you at graduation!

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