Devry, I Survived the First Term.

Below is a rant of why most college students should wake up.
Advisory: Do not read this if you are lazy.

This is college? Tons of homework – tests – school?
Yes, THIS is college.
We pay money for this college.
Why do you treat it like high school?
Why are you cutting class?
Doing homework the day it’s due?
Why are you not taking this seriously?
This is your future, not mine.
So why do I care?

I don’t.

Who’s going, who’s staying?
We can tell, can’t you?
Who’s we?
The people who are staying.
This is college whether you realize it or not.
Rule 1 – Show up.
Rule 2 – Do your homework.
Rule 3 – Study for tests.
Rule 4 – Stay off crack.
Don’t find out the hard way.
This isn’t for you?
Fine, go work at McDonalds!
I’m sure you’ll be happy there.
See you next term – or not.

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