Death is Inconvenient

As hard as it is to pencil someone in for an appointment taking up our time, it is even harder to pencil someone in who is dead or dying. Appointments need to be canceled, plane tickets need to be purchased (at exorbitant prices), and funeral arrangements need to be made. None of these are cheap, nor easy to do. The fact is, death is an inconvenience.

Would it be rather insensitive to say to someone, “Why can’t you die in order to compliment my schedule?” How about asking somebody, “I can make it to your funeral next month. How about dying then? Great, I’ll pencil you in!”

Death is something none of us are ever prepared for. Death is hard to deal with when it’s other people, and I can only imagine what my own death will be like. Will I have inconvenienced somebody else? Probably so. I would love to say to God, “Hey! I’d like to die in twenty years, give or take a few months. At least then I’ll have been able to do what I want to do for a few more years.” Unfortunately, we’re all on God’s schedule. He doesn’t much care if we’re inconvenienced, although he does sympathize with our pain. God knows it hurts losing a loved one, but He also can’t meet our own selfish desires to die when we want, how we want, and where we want.

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