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I’m getting quite a few SPAM messages these days, and since Google is laying down the hammer on blog comments, I think it’s about time I revised my comment policy.

Keywords in Comments No Longer Allowed

I no longer allow people to use keywords as part of their name. People were already abusing the two-keyword maximum, and to be honest, it made my site appear, well, spammy.

If you leave a comment with keywords, I will edit them out. If the name is made up of all keywords, I will mark the comment as SPAM.

This policy is because of the way Google treats comments on blogs, and frankly, I’m getting sick of it as well.

I realize there are good and genuine commenters out there that leave keywords, but it’s getting tougher to pick the good from the bad ones.

Your Comment Link

I allow you to leave a comment link (in the URL field). There is no need “at all” to advertise this link within your comment. If I see a link in any comment that is not relevant to the post, the comment will be edited and/or marked as SPAM.

I allow links to work-safe sites only.

Your Comment Body

Comments that say, “I agree”, “me too”, “nice writing”, etc… will be marked as SPAM. I’ve received way too many of these. If the comment is not relevant, it goes straight to my SPAM box.


Sorry for being harsh, but I’m waking up to at least (and I have a good SPAM filter) 20-50 of these types of messages every day. For a small blog such as this, it’s a bit much to handle.

15 thoughts on “Comment Policy Revised”

  1. Some good filters will help reduce the amount of “comments” that you need to wade through. A post we put up on the First Time Home Buyer’s Tax credit given out last year and then extended this year really took off. It still generates comments but it has started to draw a lot of spammers as well sadly. I like not having a lot of filters in place because sometimes they will block a legitimate comment, but if things continue to go on like they are I think I’m going to have to.

  2. Ron,

    I see this as progress! Most of us know that those posting “I agree”, “me too”, “nice writing”, etc… are just psoting a comment to your site to generate an inbound link to their own site. And wading through their clutter is annoying.

    1. LOL … Tom wants the competition to go away so that he will stay on top of the comment list and get all the inbound links for him self … LOL

      he is my father

      1. Actually Joey, no, I like participating in this site and inbound links are just a small benefit. I think Ronald has a great blog site & from his traffic I’d say so do many others. Just look at his popular posts – views per day. I’d be willing to bet that if he’d share some of his other stats, you’d see that once someone finds this site, he looks around a for while.
        Your dad, Tom

  3. May I know if, how could you determine if it is a spam or not? Because I’ve been using akismet and I found out that some of the good comment which I must consider are considered as spam by akismet!

  4. I really wouldn’t see caring about the quality of the content on your site as being harsh. At the end of the day it is your site and you want it to be of a high standard or over time you will lose your readership!

    I think it’s a very good thing that Google and others are caring more about comment quality. Blogs have become such an important part of the internet and it’s so tiresome reading a long list of ‘nice post’ and ‘great blog’ comments in between the interesting ones! 🙂

  5. Due to the large number of software that can really by pass the antispam bots, it really pays to have a look of your blog comments every once in a while.

    Also, in this way, you can also check new patterns that the spammers are using to bypass your anti spam plugins.

  6. I use Akismet and it does a pretty good job of catching the junk. The spammers have found me now and I’ll find anywhere from 10 – 30 new spam replies a day. Besides the content being a joke, the reply emails are usually to some non-existent website.

    I added Keyword Luv and CommentLuv to my site. I’ve found that the real people who leave relevant replies usually have a decent blog themselves. These plug-in’s allow them to receive a little link luv back while providing me some new readers. I don’t mind sharing. 🙂

  7. We understand.. Who ever want spams? So what you suggest is a very good idea. You have to protect the dignity of your blog too so good luck buddy! Thanks for telling us about your plan. 🙂

  8. Great thing that you’ve done that. Mine, I installed re-CAPTCHA as adviced by Google to prevent auto-commenting but still I turn on my comment moderation for human spammers.

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