City Stages – Sunday

Today was our last day at City Stages. This morning it was really hard to get up. Sarah and I went to sleep around 2am, so we had a good night sleep. I was just really sore and probably needed to sleep two days instead of just six or seven hours.

The first band we saw today was called Beyond Me. The band reminds me a little of a punk band and a hardcore band. The band was awesome and unfortunately they did not have a CD for sale; I would’ve bought their CD.

After Beyond Me, we walked to the Coca Coca Stage to check out The Rewinds. The band is a softer rock, but excellent nonetheless. The band has very catchy guitar riffs and catchy hooks. Their MySpace profile doesn’t list some of their better songs unfortunately.

After The Rewinds, Sarah and I went to see Alexi Murdoch. A great singer, Alexi Murdoch was a nice contrast to some of the hardcore bands we saw. He played completely acoustic and has superb songwriting skills. The music was a little too soft for Sarah and I on a rather hot Sunday afternoon.

We decided to make the drive back to Huntsville after Alexi’s act. After two days and several hours at City Stages, we were pooped.

City Stages is a very fun experience and I’ll probably go back next year if there are decent acts. Thanks for reading.

Sidenote: Sarah took some pictures. The pictures are posted on Flickr.

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