City Stages – Saturday

Sarah and I arrived at City Stages at around 12:30pm for our second day of the music festival. The security at the gate wouldn’t allow our cameras or cell phones in, so we had to walk back to our car to put the items away. We found out later that security gave up on trying to stop cameras from getting in. Sarah was mad because she wanted to take lots of pictures.

The first band we saw was called Second Shift. The band was really cool and the lead singer came into the crowd after the show and handed out demo cds.

After Second Shift, we went into this Catholic Church and started watching a group named RazzMaTazz. The band was a cover band and actually put me to sleep. The Catholic Church was nice though since it had air conditioning.

After RazzMaTazz, Sarah and I went to the Miller Lite Stage to work our way forward near the stage. A guy named Eliot Morris was playing at the time. He is an awesome singer and seemed very friendly.

After Eliot Morris, Flyleaf started playing. Flyleaf was incredible. The lead singer has a great vocal range and the other band members flat-out rocked. After Flyleaf, we watched a band called Matchbook Romance. Matchbook Romance was a decent band, but I just wasn’t that into their music.

At around 9:00pm, Yellowcard took the stage. Yellowcard is an awesome act and their acoustic version of “One Year, Six Months” was amazing.

Since Flyleaf, Matchbook Romance, and Yellowcard typically have a “whiter” audience, I found it kind of weird that Snoop Dogg was going to be playing after all of those awesome bands. Before Yellowcard, I couldn’t see a black person in the audience. Closer to the end of Yellowcard, a bunch of black people started pushing towards the front. I found this rather rude and absurd, but what can you do? Sarah will probably post a blog entry about her experience with the “Snoop” crowd.

Snoop Dogg has an awesome stage presence. He definitely knows how to work his crowd. I doubt I’d see him in concert again, but a chance to see him live could not be passed up.

Side note: I made it to the very front of the stage during Matchbook Romance. I remained there throughout Yellowcard and Snoop Dogg’s performance. Seeing all those great acts live and at such a close distance was awesome. Also, Taylor Hicks did a couple of songs with Snoop Dogg, so I was able to see the latest American Idol in person.

We go back tomorrow, so expect another blog entry for Sarah and my last day in Birmingham. Thanks for reading.

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