City Stages – Friday

Sarah and I left Huntsville at around 1:00pm to go to Birmingham to attend City Stages. I thought I booked a hotel in downtown Birmingham, which would have enabled us to just walk to City Stages. Unfortunately, Google Maps deceived me. Picture 1 shows what my original google maps search turned up. The Comfort Inn was supposed to be in downtown. We searched for about thirty minutes for the hotel. Picture 2 shows the actual location of the Comfort Inn. We finally found it after we called the hotel and asked for directions.

After arriving at our hotel, we unpacked our luggage and got ready for the trip back into Downtown Birmingham. Traffic was terrible, but this was expected since the time was about 4:30pm. We found a place to park in a parking garage downtown and walked towards one of the main gates for City Stages. Since City Stages wasn’t supposed to start until 6, the gates weren’t set up yet. We simply walked into the City Stages area and went to find the band Leaving Shiloh (Images 1,2,3,4,5,6). Leaving Shiloh is an okay band. I’ve heard better.

Ever Leaving Shiloh, we headed to a bigger stage to hear Trapt. Trapt was rather excellent (Images 1,2). A few kids tried to start a mosh pit, but that didn’t work out too well. All the mosh pit ended up being as a bunch of kids pushing eachother around.

After Trapt, we headed towards a very large stage called the Coca Cola Stage. At that stage we saw the bands “Morris Day and the Times” and Cameo. Cameo didn’t begin their set until about 12:30am, so everybody in the crowd was rather tired. We didn’t leave the festival until about 1:30am.

Now that I’m back in the hotel, I shall crash and hopefully not be too sore tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “City Stages – Friday”

  1. OMG, I just had a big laugh…you saw Morris Day and The Times? were they in wheel chairs? LOL…they were popular in my "younger" days :p…anway..hope all is well there 🙂 drop me a line sometime!

  2. Well I'm glad they can still dance …LOL, they were pretty awesome in their time (no pun intended)! glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  3. I heard they put on at least a good show too for showing up late. I couldn’t imagine how tired you must have been after being pushed around in a marsh pit for so long.

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