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Christmas Lights Around Austin, TX

My sister and I went out a few nights ago to take some pictures around Austin. We ended up around 37th St., where the whole block was decorated.

Here are some photos from our adventure. You can view the entirety of my photos at my Christmas Lights 2009 photo set on Flickr.

Groovy Peace Sign

Flamingo Christmas

The “Lit” Lawnmower

Christmas Presents

Christmas Playground

Colorful Icicles

The full set can be viewed here. Enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Lights Around Austin, TX”

  1. You can tell that several of these homeowners used C7 and C9 Christmas lights to light up the outdoors. These are the best lights to use to really make your outdoor holiday decorating theme stand out. You can get them in multi color, clear or a single color for the whole strand.

  2. Very nice. We’ve had quite a few displays around here but I also see a trend where home owners set blow up figures up around the yard. A few look nice along with other decorations but a yard full of blow-ups looks cheezy to me.

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