Christianity and Fitness – Getting off of the Couch

When I think back to the reasons I began working out again, it all boils down to convenience. There simply was no reason for me not to work out. I have a workout facility in the same building I work in, and the workout facility is free. However, as convenient it was for me to work out again, I find myself still coming up with excuses not to go. Sometimes I just need a swift kick in the rear to get off my couch and get into the gym.

Not as many people are as fortunate as me to have a gym so conveniently available. Some must buy expensive gym memberships, or have to make an long commute in order to get to a gym. Some opt to have the gym equipment bought so that it can be used in-house. Regardless, the gym memberships typically go unused, and the self-bought equipment in the garage just gathers dust. What can be done to achieve the motivation to start back up again?

Much like it’s easy to fall-out of working out, it is easy to stop going to church. And once one has stopped going, it’s rather difficult to get back into the groove. The verse I use for motivation regarding my Christian walk is as follows:

Revelation 2:4-5 (NASB) — 4But I have this against you, that you have left your first love. 5Therefore remember from where you have fallen, and repent and do the deeds you did at first; or else I am coming to you and will remove your lampstand out of its place–unless you repent.

The verse above was written to the church of Ephesus. The church was doing all the right things, but it forgot the reason for doing those right things. Sometimes it’s beneficial to look at our own walk and ponder if we are doing the things because they are right, or because we love to do them. In other words, do we still have that same passion towards Christianity that we had at the beginning when we were young Christians?

If one can remember the passion held for Christianity at the beginning, it will be a little easier to get off the “spiritual” couch and get the ball rolling again. The verse says to remember how far you have fallen. Would you be content to fall backwards and be like you were before you were saved? I certainly hope not.

Getting Back Into the Gym

Just as it’s easy to forget why we became Christians, it’s easy to forget why we started working out in the first place. Was it to increase stamina? Perhaps to look more toned?

I encourage you to think about motivational factors that will get you back into the gym. Perhaps you want to look good for your spouse, or want to take a doctor’s advise on getting more exercise. Getting back into the groove at first will be a chore. However, soon you’ll start noticing the benefits of exercise. What once was a chore will be more inviting because you are seeing what the tedious work is accomplishing.

You may need help getting back into the gym, and this may come in the form of an accountability partner — someone who will give you a swift-kick if you don’t make it into the gym. The important thing to observe here is that you need to get off the couch and do something about it. You’re in charge of your body, and you decide whether you want it to be in shape or not.

Getting Back Into Church

Going back to church after not going for a while is an intimidating experience. One may need to meet new people, and perhaps find an entirely different church.

Just like going to the gym in groups helps from a self-conscious perspective, going to a church in groups may help take the pressure off of going back again. It will be a chore at first, and you’ll very likely struggle; however, you’ll soon realize that the benefits of going to church outweigh the benefits of not going.


In this world, it’s easy to lose focus and get lazy. We may start neglecting our spiritual health, our physical health, or both. I encourage a person who has lost the motivation to get off the couch (whether spiritual or physical) to do something it. Although somebody else could theoretically be responsible for your physical health, nobody is responsible for your spiritual health except yourself.

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