Chantix Diaries 3

Chantix gives you some weird dreams. Here’s some of the dreams I’ve had recently.

Preparing for… What?

I was in a town square. We were all eating lunch, shopping, and just going about our business. Music was playing, people were talking on their cell phones, and conversing with each other.

In the distance, I could hear this massive roar. Everybody stopped what they were doing. It was absolute and complete silence, with the exception of the roar.

In the sky appeared hundreds of slow-moving CH-47 (Chinook) helicopters carrying what looked like a HMMWV (Hummers). In the back of the helicopter, the ramp was open, and you could see all of the soldiers inside.

The first wave passed, and people started talking about what just happened.

“They’re going to bomb something.” I heard one say.

“Probably Iran.” Another replied.

People soon forgot about the huge show of force, and continued with what they were doing before.

Then a second wave of Black Hawks followed, where we could see Soldiers and a machine gun pointing out. There were hundreds of Black Hawks as well, slowly passing by.

Again, the crowd was completely silent, just marveling at the overwhelming show of force.

“What’s going on?” I could hear one ask.

The second wave disappeared from sight, and I woke up.

1 thought on “Chantix Diaries 3”

  1. Hey Ron,

    I hope you are closer to not smoking now than you were before you started using Chantix. I can tell you that my wife had tried to use Chantix for about 10 days before she had to get off it. She has anxiety problems and had a Military-Force dream somewhat similar (but more violent) to yours just before she had to stop taking it. I hope it helps you stop smoking, but be really careful with it if you have an anxiety/panic symptoms. It was not a pretty sight in her case.


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