Chantix Diaries 2

Chantix gives you some weird dreams. Here’s some of the dreams I’ve had recently.

The Twisted Tornado

I was on the porch. My sister was loading her baby in a giant red ford pick-up.

We were in a valley, and I saw two twisters approach near eachother. One was rather large.

I told my sister, “if you’re going to leave, then get on with it.”

The larger twister went past us without any incident.

The smaller one was really dinky looking, and some black guy ran out of our house with a broom and approached it. He began chasing the twister away from my sister (with the broom) and around the back of the house.

I went to the porch in the back, and watched the twister slowly stop spinning. It turned out it was a giant plastic cup as it slowed.

The Late Show

This one was truly lucid. I was dreaming and thought, let’s do one with Conan O’Brien.

Conan O’Brien is in a boat, and I’m in it. He says, “Let’s see if we can do two impromptu performances while on this boat.”

He starts going off on a tangent, which I can’t really recall. I then ask, “Okay, how about the second?”

He said, sorry, that’s all you get. So I jumped off the boat and made the quick swim to the shore. I could hear them laughing at me on the boat.

I climbed out of the river soaking wet, and I still had on my heavy black shoes.

Traveling the Clothes-line

I’m in some kind of high-rise apartment. The other apartment buildings were very close, and all the colors were of a pastel hue of peach and pink. A lady was standing next to me as people walked by the light-red cobblestone sidewalk below.

“How about that one?” she would ask, pointing at a young girl.

“She’s cute, but way too young.” I would reply.

“And that one?”

It turned out there were clothes-lines everywhere. Or at least that’s what they looked like. And hear goes a girl riding the line by by some kind of repel hook. She was just sailing along, getting from point a to point b.

I was awed by the site, and then I woke up.

The Performance

I’m in some kind of indoor performance area. It was Lord of the Rings, and you could walk to various rooms and see different aspects of the performance.

Some of the girls were getting hot, and began removing layers of clothing. However, other girls would get jealous, and try to catch up. Eventually all clothes were off.

I soon left that part of the performance for a different area. I caught up with a family, who had a van. They had used their van to hold up some kind of tent so they could eat.

The last thing I remember about the dream is that a pizza box had fallen off the top of their vehicle. I attempted to place the pizza box back on top, and was reaching when I woke up.

The Heist

I’m about to leave town.

A lady explains the road out. You have to travel through the mountains on this very high-altitude road.

She told me that one time a very rough storm was coming in. As the road took her above the clouds, she could see the storm pummeling the people below it. She pulled to the side to marvel at it, as did others.

As the road descended, she knew she would soon be in the storm. She said it was the scariest thing she ever saw in her life.

I stop listening to the lady and began to get into my car to leave town. I just have to pass through a security checkpoint.

I’m about to enter some kind of secure zone, and I have to prepare myself to get ready to enter. I come to a gate and park. Nobody is behind me, so I decide it’s a good time to gather everything I need. Eventually cars are starting to line up behind me, some growing rather impatient. I’m almost done, and the last thing I need to do is check my tires.

In my haste, I drop my wallet and cigarettes on the ground, but I decide to finish checking my tires first.

A kid (let’s call him Alex) walking buy seizes this opportunity and picks up my wallet and cigarettes from the ground and begins to walk off. He says to a lady near me (also preparing), “How are you doing?”

The lady sees the theft, and as the kid walks off, she says, “He has your things.”

I begin chase, and just as I’m about to catch him, he throws the items to his younger brother, who is much faster. Both pick up speed, and I yell out, “You can have the cigarettes. Just give me my wallet!”

Alex throws the wallet to the ground, and I run to go pick it up.

I open the wallet, and the wallet’s contents are all fake (kind of like the movie Catch Me If You Can).

I resume chasing Alex and his brother, and I finally catch up with the younger brother. I grab his shoulder, and he hands me a paper bag with something wrapped up in it.

It looks like a Cheeseburger, and he says to me, “Eat this.”

We walk into an establishment, and he puts on a black mask. I can see Alex also wearing a black mask, ready to initiate havok on the employees.

As this moment, I realize I’m part of a larger conspiracy. I was baited into following these kids, and now I was on camera eating a burger as if I was part of their crew.

Then I woke up.

4 thoughts on “Chantix Diaries 2”

  1. This is nuts! I have taken Ambien, and it really knocked me out and I had some weird dreams with it as well. These are epic, you really went deep into your subconscious in those dreams… I love having strange dreams, but sometimes it is hard to remember them. I like to write them down as soon as I wake up to make sure I don’t forget them.

  2. I just know there are stupid parents who have named their little girl CHANTIX. I went to school with a girl named Shevette (Chevette? Cheap Chevy hatchback).
    Those are amazing dreams and worth having analyzed. A lot of dream imagery has common meaning (water = sex).

    Congratulations on deciding to stop smoking. My friend Mike just passed away a few months ago. He was 46, light smoker, undetected throat cancer spread into his larynx, shoulder, jaw, tongue, nose, ear. His prognosis was 3-6 weeks, which passed in 4 days.

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