Chantix Diaries 1

Chantix gives you some weird dreams. Here’s some of the dreams I’ve had recently.

The Wakeup Call

This dream consisted of me on my apartment balcony looking out to the passing cars below.

I witnessed a white car parking, with an attractive woman getting out.

She looked at me, and in a soft, but powerful tone, said, “Come here.”

I immediately woke up. The voice had been so powerful and lifelike that I had to get up and see if anybody was in my apartment.

The Aggressive Kid

I was playing some kind of ball sport. Probably kickball.

I remember sliding on the grass, reaching for this ball that was just within reach.

Out of nowhere, this kid in the stands comes and kicks the ball away from me.

I grab the kid by his white-collared shirt, pull him towards me, and get in his face.

“I just want you to know what you did was very f**ng rude. Don’t you ever do that again. Do you understand me?”

The kid’s face turned sad, but he expressed understanding.

I knew somewhere his mom was watching, so I was curious how she would feel about me scolding her son.

But the kid understood, and went back to sit down.

2 thoughts on “Chantix Diaries 1”

  1. Those do sound like pretty weird dreams.

    The odd thing is that I never remember any dreams. Maybe once a month I will actually remember something. I’m sure that means something, but I’m not sure what.

  2. That is a very wierd dream indeed. I wonder if the woman yelling at you was the kid’s mother. I also hope that she wanted you to take the elevator down to see her and not for you to jump. From what I’ve heard, jumpers like to aim for white cars. At least thats what happened to a buddy of mine that owned a white car.

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