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A History of Easy Updates Manager – A WordPress Plugin

Easy Updates Manager began as with any WordPress plugin: a line of code.

My History with Easy Updates Manager

For me, it started with a problem. I inherited an agency problem where plugins were modified and the only solution was upping the version number in the core plugin file.

As I pondered a solution, I had some initial thoughts that others would find such a tool useful.

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WordPress: Selectively Disable Plugin and Theme Editors, and Updates

Let’s face it, not all of us work in ideal situations. Some of us can create a site for a client, create only one administrator, and leave the client with lower privileges so that they are always at our mercy.

Other times you decide to throw up Multisite just so the client can technically be an administrator, but cannot update, add, or edit plugins and themes (much less update WordPress).

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Introducing Slash Edit, My Latest WordPress Plugin

Programmers (can I call myself one?) have a tendency to be lazy. And laziness can result in a tool that may save a few seconds here and there, but by golly, those seconds matter!

I work on a lot of client sites, and the themes are rather inconsistent with adding “edit” links for posts or pages. Add in the fact that some of the sites have disabled the toolbar, I got rather frustrated disabling the code and/or manually searching for the item in the WordPress admin area.

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WordCamp Europe – 2013


This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending WordCamp Europe at Leiden in the Netherlands. I had a blast. Here are some photos.

If you are on a mobile, you can view the set on Flickr.

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Simple Comment Editing

Over the last month, I released a successor to Ajax Edit Comments. I got sick of the bug reports, support requests, and the bloat. It’s one of the reasons I’m actively looking for some poor soul (aka, an uber-awesome developer) to take over the project.

What is the name of this new plugin, you ask? It’s called Simple Comment Editing.

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My Book, WordPress and Ajax, Finally on Amazon

WordPress and Ajax e-book

My first book, WordPress and Ajax, is finally available on

I was very excited when I found out the book was listed on The book’s designer (Vivien Anayian from VG Universe Design) was equally thrilled and a pleasantly surprised as well.

The book currently retails for $19.99, which is pretty cheap for a programming book. If you fancy checking it out, head to Amazon and give it a go.

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WordPress and Ajax 2nd Edition Released

WordPress and Ajax e-book

For several months I’ve been slaving away on releasing an update to my “somewhat” popular e-book WordPress and Ajax.

If you’re interested in WordPress development, please check out the new additions to the book.

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WordCamp Philly 2010

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending WordCamp Philly in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I’ve been working at WebDevStudios (a New Jersey based company) since June of this year and finally got a chance to meet my co-workers for the very first time (they are as nuts as I am).

Photo of my co-workers and me. Photo by co-worker Chris Cochran (not pictured)

The guys I work with are just absolutely awesome.

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My First Book, WordPress and Ajax, Released

WordPress and Ajax Cover

My first ever book, WordPress and Ajax, has been released. You can find my dedicated site for the book at

The book labels itself as an in-depth guide for using Ajax with WordPress.

While geared towards existing plugin/theme authors (beginning or advanced), this book will also assist those new to WordPress who have been thinking of making the programming plunge.

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WP Grins Lite

This WordPress plugin is a “lite” version of the very popular WP Grins plugin by Alex King.

The plugin allows smilies to be inserted in the comment area of a WordPress blog.

WP Grins Screenshot

Difference Between WP Grins and WP Grins Lite

The original installation of WP Grins requires the heavy overhead of the Prototype JavaScript library.

WP Grins Lite uses the much lighter-weight jQuery library.

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