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My friend Pauli Loeffler recently recorded a bunch of duckies blocking traffic near the Edmond Dog Park.

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Eisley in Dallas

I’ve been following Eisley since 2004. I finally got the chance to see them live in Dallas this past weekend. In short, they were amazing. For a band that has been churning out music for over a decade, they are extremely humble. There’s even YouTube videos of them saying they never tried something acoustic so no promises, yet they were amazing.

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Surfing in Leiden. I was hoping one of them would fall.

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Paramore – iTunes Festival – Full Set

I recently had the privilege of attending a live Paramore concert in Oslo on June 25th. I was able to experience the magic again via the iTunes Festival held in London.

To view the full performance, visit this link (it’ll open iTunes and you’ll be able to play it from there).

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In the Still of the Night is one of my favorite songs by Boyz II Men.

This song requires A LOT of breathing, and it’s something my voice coach has been helping me with.

This video was taken yesterday at the Martini Lounge in OKC.

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Sick of Sarah Fan Video

I finally got the guts to make a Sick of Sarah fan video. Here you go gals.

About Sick of Sarah

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Meet My New Cat Natalia

I’ve been waiting for this moment for two and a half years. My latest cat Miata was placed in a kill-shelter and it was heartbreaking. Basically it was an ultimatum from my step-mom that either I leave, or the cat leave. I felt like I lost a child. Literally.

Meet my new daughter Natalia. Although I miss Miata every single day, Natalia will help immensely with my grieving process that has never been resolved.

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