Poetry includes analogies, metaphors, happy poems, depressing poems.


We stand together, firm –
Intertwined, we are strong.
Dare we not part the other,
For the winds will blow harder.

We grow together, stronger –
On our sturdy foundation,
Our roots grow ever deeper,
To guard against the storms.

Without our roots and rain,
And sun and good fortune,
And our wonderful Creator…
We don’t stand a chance.

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This Addiction

Climbing these stairs is a challenge.
At first the going was easy.
However, soon my legs got tired,
And each step became a hurdle.

The steps became larger and larger,
And I wished I could rest easy.
Can’t I stop here and rest a bit?
But I can’t stall along the way.

I attempt to climb just one more step.
Impossible, this task seems.

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His Answer

What is this gift that I’ve been given?
Are you the answer to my prayer?
Pinch me please, for my heart is driven,
On the hope that you are really there.

When did I awaken from this dream?
A heart of gold, I have never found.
With you, everything is what it seems,
As my heart is lifted from the ground.

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Please come in, gigantic in it’s beauty.
Swirl above, blanketing me in white silk.
I lie inside, protected from the Earth;
Secure… resting from the uncertainty.

Comfort me now, I am a part of you;
Snuggling against your pillow-like texture.
Forgive me if I seem to take refuge,
Few have given me such adoration.

Days and weeks pass; I see there’s more of you.

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Her eyes,
Endless skies.
Her smile,
I catch a glimpse down the aisle.
Love at first sight,
If I could will it, it might.
I look down pretending not to care,
But I can’t help it… I stare.
I stare into her face,
Her presence I can’t replace.
I try to speak,
I’m weak.
I look away,
Please stay.
She leaves,
I can’t breath.

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