Love Poems

Poems that are sappy and likely to make you hurl.


Her eyes,
Endless skies.
Her smile,
I catch a glimpse down the aisle.
Love at first sight,
If I could will it, it might.
I look down pretending not to care,
But I can’t help it… I stare.
I stare into her face,
Her presence I can’t replace.
I try to speak,
I’m weak.
I look away,
Please stay.
She leaves,
I can’t breath.

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My Better Half

Days pass , My heart goes out.

As my tears thicken in an endless pout.

Question after question I tend to ask,

When will I remove my dark veiled mask.

Will she like what she sees,

Will she cares what she sees,

Will her heart fill with me,

Or will she just turn and flee.

And if somehow, we ended up together,

Will it be a week long fling, or will it be forever.

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