Depressing Poems

Depressing poems to ruin any mood.


Broken Wine Glass

A special day,
To run and play.
To have dinner and flowers,
And evening showers.

A happy day,
When she’s gone away?
Celebrate disaster?
Pull apart this plaster?

Is this day defined,
By what’s intertwined?
Or is there revenge,
To cure the distance binge?

Celebrate together,
To run and play forever,
To have dinner and flowers,
And evening showers.

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Waves of Bitterness

I sit upon this vibrant, golden shore.
The thunder crashes; lightning peeks its head.
A breeze once was, but blows now ever more.
Black clouds roll onwards, filling me with dread.
The sun is hidden from my very sight.
The ocean yearns to have me in its keep.
My words are silenced; darkness kills my might.
The waves grow fiercer, wanting me to sleep.

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I yawn at the world’s ignorance,
I’m imprisoned by its burdens,
Forever frowning upon life,
As I walk into the darkness.

Looking through that covered window,
I imagine what life could be,
Wishing the brightness would shine through,
But I lay alone defeated.

I see through the murky tunnel,
Masterful of my destiny,
The faint light vanishing slowly,
While I wander about, hopeless.

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I'm Dreaming

I see her, her beauty; I’m dreaming.
We love, we marry; I’m dreaming.
A father, two kids; I’m dreaming.
A job, I love it; I’m dreaming.
The anger, it’s growing; I’m dreaming.
Alcohol, overflowing; I’m dreaming.
She loved me, I hit her; I’m dreaming.
They cried, I persisted; I’m dreaming.
The cops, they surround me; I’m dreaming.
Alone, in prison; I’m awake.

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Growing in the night,
The tears fall away.
The world seems so far,
As I stand alone.

The wind is frigid,
And I gasp for breath,
I shake profusely,
Half frozen, half scared.

The city sparkles,
As I look below,
To give up all hope,
Would be to fall away.

Forgive me father,
For I’ve let you down,
Don’t let it end here,
Think of me always.

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Clouds of veracity, I sink into never.
I haven’t seen your face in forever.
Eternal delight, I’m thinking in time,
The warmth of your touch and your hand in mine.
I look behind; in the distance you dance,
You smile and approach me as we indulge in romance.
You grab me and twirl me as we drift up real high,
Freedom and laughter, perpetually we fly.

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