Analogies and Metaphors

Analogies and Metaphors that describe life.


Another day, another set of pills.
This is the life for the mentally ill.
Chastised for not being normal,
Like it’s our own fault we’re abnormal.
A chemical imbalance is what they say.
Suck it up, ignore, and it will all go away.
We want the same. Perhaps not at first.
But the mania and depression make our minds want to burst.

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I’ve been on a poetry kick lately. Rest assured, I will grow out of this phase eventually.

As a flame.
A fool.
A losing game.

There she is,
Amongst the stars,
And I see…

The shining light,
Years ahead.
To naked eyes,
She is dead.

But the star,
No others see,

The bright light,
Never-ending coma.

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The agony is unquenchable
as an unending thirst.
My stomach is in knots,
And I fear my heart may burst…

Not from a love lost,
Or a desire unfulfilled,
But from the hatred and hurt,
That will never be healed.

I seek forgiveness,
And perhaps restitution,
But while I ache,
There seems only one solution.

These five stages I know.
And it starts with denial.

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Wallowing in Friendship

Exposed is my perception from the start…
These arrows harbor angst against my heart.
They threaten my entire world apart.

Defenseless, I erect these shields in place.
Protection from this hurt I fear outside,
These castle walls stand mighty, tall, and tried.
My soul, within this tower, I encase.

I open up my gates to those who may.
These trebuchets are where companions stay.

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Thrown Out

I sit alone, always waiting for your warm touch.
Instead I’m filled with your leftover pain and grief.
Holding pictures and letters of loved ones and such,
I realize the joys of this world are all too brief.
Why give all of these tattered memories to me?
You are not alone in your need for sympathy.

Imagine always being open to the world
With a chain around your neck and bugs at your feet.

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Please come in, gigantic in it’s beauty.
Swirl above, blanketing me in white silk.
I lie inside, protected from the Earth;
Secure… resting from the uncertainty.

Comfort me now, I am a part of you;
Snuggling against your pillow-like texture.
Forgive me if I seem to take refuge,
Few have given me such adoration.

Days and weeks pass; I see there’s more of you.

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The Mountain

Give me a mountain to climb;
And I shall observe the entrenched shadows,
Stand aghast at it’s horrendous size.
I will marvel at the lush vegetation,
And lay frightened by its menacing cliffs.

Give me a mountain to climb;
And I will conspire with those who’ve climbed it.
I could plan my journey carefully.
Or rush to the summit,
Passing those who have been stalled along the way.

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Moving On

He lays there; anxious yearning.
Years of waiting for the gift.
Will it be there in the morning?
Day is where his hopes now drift.

Golden yellow, his thoughts shine through.
He waits there for the sun to rise.
The gift he yearns is nothing new.
Endless hope will blind his eyes.

Morning creeps; come in slowly.
Rays of light sneak up his bed.

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