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The Rejection

Her name was Christina Jimenez. She was my 5th grade crush. Having just come from the Philippines, I was new to American public schools, but she was one of the first smiling faces that lit up my day.

When a door needed opened, I opened it for her. When I saw that she needed to sit down, I found her a chair.

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The Cheap Feel

A group of friends and I frequented a restaurant to partake in their weekly special of $1 margaritas.

As we settled in, my friend’s favorite waitress approached. I had seen her previously, but never really made small talk.

As a side note, people who know me well know I have a very dry sense of humor. But it’s intellectually dry, so most of my jokes go flying right over others’ heads.

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Electric Tape

Electric Tape

“I think I’m having a panic attack!” April confided in me.

“What happened?”

April is not the type of girl to freak out easily. For me, she was a breath of fresh air. Finally, a woman that can take care of herself and a person who didn’t “need” a man.

But she had a weakness (don’t we all?). She gets random panic attacks.

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I Wanna #*%$# You

“I wanna #*%$# you.” my sister said to me recently.

I was momentarily caught off guard. I looked in her eyes for any inclination of sarcasm or facetiousness.

“Um, what? Did I hear you correctly?”

“Your uni-brow. It needs to be plucked.”

I inwardly breathed a sigh of relief as I released my sister as an incestuous vulture.

“Why, what did you think I said?” she asked.

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The Smart-Ass Genie

I had just arrived for church and I sat down next to one of my “married” and “wiser” lady friends.

Somehow the subject turned to what I wanted to be when I grow up.

“Well, one thing’s for sure…” I quipped referencing her and her husband, “I definitely don’t want to be older like y’all”

Not missing a beat, she pointed at my nose and said, “Poof!

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Coyote Ugly

The following was my first (and probably last) experience at Coyote Ugly in Austin, Texas.

“You, in the glasses.” a lady said into a microphone pointing into my direction.

It wasn’t everyday that a lady on top of a bar was pointing at me and announcing my presence to the slew of drunkards and bar-hoppers. I wasn’t annoyed or embarrassed, just wondering why my glasses were my prominent figure.

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The Door Closes

“Nobody ever gets married expecting to divorce.”

“Unless you’re Britney Spears.” I replied with a smile trying to break the awkwardness.

“The papers are in the car.” She said looking at me, trying to form a smile.

A few moments later, she returned, opening my apartment door for the last time.

“Everything should be there.” She said handing them over to me.

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E3 – Part 2

Advisory: Strong Language
This story is the second part in a two-part story. Please read the first part (entitled E3) before reading this story.

A Little Background

My day of school had come to an end. I could hear laughter behind me as I approached my school bus. It had been a long day and I was anxious to get home.

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Almost Getting Jacked

“I don’t need a ride.” I said politely to my boss Mr. Britt after work had ended at Walgreens. After work I went to the nearby Albertsons to do some grocery shopping. The time was about 11:15 at night when I began the walk home.

My groceries consisted of the normal healthy college student stuff. Pop-tarts for breakfast, Chef-boy-ardee for dinner, Hormel Chili, and Stouffers Lasagna for special occasions.

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Blink 182 and Greenday

April 19th, 2002

On February 21st, 2002, I woke up earlier than usual to buy tickets to go see the band I love. Blink 182 was coming to town again! My roommate and I went to see them last September 17th, and it totally rocked! I bought tickets for my roommate and I, and our fate was sealed. On April 19th, we would be going to see Blink 182.

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