My fiction stories.


“You have to consider your brother.” her former employer said. “What?” Julie asked in protest. “He’s been diagnosed, as you are aware.” “It’s not exactly a death sentence.” Julie stated. Julie was currently working for a well-established law firm. She began actually enjoying practicing law. “He’s a liability, and I think you can understand that.” …

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The Russian

“But the death penalty isn’t even in effect anymore!” she screamed. She was right. This was good ol’ Cali-forn-i-a. “It was in 2014. Putting prisoners to death is against the law there.” “Exactly!” I screamed back. “He’s been sitting there for a good ten years, tops. He’ll be grumpy and ready to talk.” “Who are …

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“So I’ve watched every single Final Destination movie that has ever, ever, come out, and I have this one death scene I absolutely have to fucking see.” Andrews screamed enthusiastically to the other Google Hangout members. “Go ahead,” Roth agreed. “So it’s a gas station. There is no body there. Clouds are stormy lookin’. There …

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Through her small Google Hangout she could make out an array of faces ordered to her beck-and-call. “So we have the Storyboard people here, Stella. We’d like you to go over your torture scene.” “Oh, I’ve already explained it.” Stella replied. The director, Roth, whom they commonly use, reads his note cards: “It says you …

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The following is a short story. Caution: language “What we’re talking about is a cheap and easy way to kill your enemies.” It certainly didn’t seem cheap, and it certainly didn’t seem easy. You see, I have what some would call a societal stigma. I’m fucked in the head, as some would put it. A …

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