Christianity and Fitness

Talks about the parallels between the Christian faith and fitness.

Christianity and Fitness – Intimidation

“I’ve never been so intimidated in my whole life. I walked in and everybody looked so much better than me. I felt out of place.”

Many can relate to that quote, whether it is stepping into a gym or a church. Throughout life, there are many things that can intimidate us. This latest Christianity and Fitness will go over the intimidation factors surrounding Christianity and fitness and give ways to overcome those factors.

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Christianity and Fitness – Finding a Facility

I’ve moved a lot in my life. Looking back, it seems that one of the hardest things to find is a new church. Finding a church is difficult because there are so many flavors. Some of the choices include: traditional, conservative, contemporary, non-denominational, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, pentecostal, and Bible churches. The choices seem endless when moving to a new town, and the first few months are undoubtedly spent church shopping.

Just like finding a church is difficult, finding a gym is difficult as well (although some churches are fortunate enough to have gyms). There are also many types of gyms. Not all gyms are for everybody, so it is important to do “try out” memberships and thorough gym walkthroughs before making a decision.

Whether finding a new church or a new gym, several problems will arise that will inevitably cause conflict when finding that new facility.

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Christianity and Fitness – Getting off of the Couch

When I think back to the reasons I began working out again, it all boils down to convenience. There simply was no reason for me not to work out. I have a workout facility in the same building I work in, and the workout facility is free. However, as convenient it was for me to work out again, I find myself still coming up with excuses not to go. Sometimes I just need a swift kick in the rear to get off my couch and get into the gym.

Not as many people are as fortunate as me to have a gym so conveniently available. Some must buy expensive gym memberships, or have to make an long commute in order to get to a gym. Some opt to have the gym equipment bought so that it can be used in-house. Regardless, the gym memberships typically go unused, and the self-bought equipment in the garage just gathers dust. What can be done to achieve the motivation to start back up again?

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