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500 Words is a periodic column that covers a variety of issues surrounding politics, religion, life, and random stuff that bothers me.

500 Words – When One Should Pray, and When One Should Work

Could you imagine a college professor looking at his watch, telling the class to take a ten minute break, then rolling out a mat and praying? What about a first responder who interrupts a rescue because of the time of day? How about a cashier, a barber, a car salesman, or perhaps a doctor? Preposterous questions? Not hardly.

A man named Jama Mohamed decided to take a break from his shift at a meat packing plant without permission to engage in a ten-minute prayer at sunset.

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500 Words – Amnesty and a Day Without Mexicans

Illegal immigration is a problem. Let me run that by you again. Illegal immigration is a problem.

Yet, there are some out there in the United States, Mexico, or Canada that do not think so. They think that illegal immigrants are crucial to the economy and that the United States would simply wither and die without illegal immigrants performing the work that normal Americans would not do.

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500 Words – Pedophiles Helping Other Pedophiles

Girl Being Watched By a Guy

There are how-to guides just about everywhere on the Internet. One of my favorite sites that I read daily is called wikiHow. Absent from this “how-to” site is how to be a pedophile or help with being one. Is there something wrong with learning about how to be a pedophile — someone who is attracted to young children?

While I will try to refrain from judging rather harshly, I would have to say there is something seriously wrong with a site that is geared towards pedophiles and helps pedophiles “engage in their hobby” of stalking (err, watching) young girls.

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500 Words – A Congressman and His Koran

The Koran

Throughout all of U.S. history, elected Congressmen (and Congresswomen since World War I) have been sworn in on the Holy Bible. These Congressmen consisted of Jews, secularists, atheists, Christians, Catholics, Methodists, and Lutherans. Even with such a diverse amount of religious beliefs, all of these Congressmen swore in on the Bible.

Now it is 2006, and a Congressman by the name of Keith Ellison plans to swear into Congress using the Koran.

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500 Words – Unrealistic Expectations

Day after day, no matter what situation I am in, I catch myself getting angry or impatient over an unrealistic expectation I have towards something. Perhaps you, too, have unrealistic expectations regarding certain things. Within this post, I will go over the difference between a goal and expectation, as well as talk about situations regarding customer service, and driving.

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