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500 Words is a periodic column that covers a variety of issues surrounding politics, religion, life, and random stuff that bothers me.

500 Words – Iraq is Beyond the Global War on Terror

I would like the troops to get out of Iraq. A year ago I wouldn’t have said that. Six months ago I probably wouldn’t have said that. But enough is enough.

I agree with why we went into Iraq. We took out a horrible dictator who was a sympathizer to those hostile to the U.S. We went to establish a democracy in Iraq. The Iraqis voted. The Iraqis set up a constitution. And they’re still blowing the hell out of each other and our troops.

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500 Words – Let's Ditch Minimum Wage

One Dollar Bill Surrounded by Coins

My first job in the continental United States was at grocery chain called Vons in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was sixteen at the time, and made a whopping $4.25 an hour. Soon after that, the minimum wage was raised to $5.15. Since Vons wanted to pay a little more than the minimum wage, Vons gave me a pay raise to $5.35. Why do I bring this up? Because I know what it is like to be on minimum wage. I know what it is like to work forty hours or more during the Christmas rush and only have about three hundred or so dollars to take home and call my own.

I have since moved on from my retail days, got few college degrees, and am now a professional. I make a good deal more than I used to during my “minimum wage” years. I am thankful for my lower-earning years because it helps me respect those who have yet to climb up the pay scale. I also have great sympathy towards the single mothers on minimum wage. My mother was one of them.

However, from an objective standpoint, I have to say it’s about time to ditch minimum wage, and not raise it. Here’s why.

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500 Words – A Congressman and His Koran

The Koran

Throughout all of U.S. history, elected Congressmen (and Congresswomen since World War I) have been sworn in on the Holy Bible. These Congressmen consisted of Jews, secularists, atheists, Christians, Catholics, Methodists, and Lutherans. Even with such a diverse amount of religious beliefs, all of these Congressmen swore in on the Bible.

Now it is 2006, and a Congressman by the name of Keith Ellison plans to swear into Congress using the Koran. Some say that the swearing in using the Koran will prove to the Muslim community as a whole that the U.S. isn’t so bad. I say hog wash. A Congressman swearing in using the Koran doesn’t exclude the U.S. from the “infidel” list.

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500 Words – Unrealistic Expectations

Day after day, no matter what situation I am in, I catch myself getting angry or impatient over an unrealistic expectation I have towards something. Perhaps you, too, have unrealistic expectations regarding certain things. Within this post, I will go over the difference between a goal and expectation, as well as talk about situations regarding customer service, and driving.

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