I like to complain, err, voice my strong opinion about certain things. Certain things could be politics, customer service, Blockbuster, and Wal-Mart.

Random Thoughts

Random Thought Process Starts Here

I’m already sick of my web design. I’ve read in many places that the web designers/developers get sick of the web design long before the users of that website. So I beg the question: who are the users of my website? I know of five people that regularly frequent my website. Other than that, it’s random people from Finland, the Philippines, Germany, some school in Wisconsin or Maine… people that just read and leave (or just leave).

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Remembering What It Was Like

Without going into too many specifics, I am mentoring a new hire at work. Some people use the term mentor loosely and think that it means ‘to look after.’ I tend to see mentoring as the growing and nurturing of an individual’s goals, skills, and interests.

I remember starting my job at Walgreens in Phoenix, Arizona. The time frame was the summer of 2000.

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An Incomplete Project

On May 6th (about two and a half weeks ago) Sarah and I bought a two-drawer filing cabinet for our house. I was looking for a good filing cabinet to organize all of our bills and paperwork. We went to Office Depot and found what seemed like a good piece of furniture. The sales associate who helped us out was very helpful; He even took the piece out to our vehicle.

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Death is Inconvenient

As hard as it is to pencil someone in for an appointment taking up our time, it is even harder to pencil someone in who is dead or dying. Appointments need to be canceled, plane tickets need to be purchased (at exorbitant prices), and funeral arrangements need to be made. None of these are cheap, nor easy to do. The fact is, death is an inconvenience.

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The Absurdity of Airline Ticket Prices

Airline ticket prices, at least for the time being, are somewhat absurd right now. The high prices may be contributed to increasing gas prices, and perhaps increasing demand, but the overall height of airline ticket prices doesn’t seem fully justified.

Sarah and I was looking for a ticket a few days back for her trip to Texarkana, TX. The price was a little less than four-hundred-dollars round trip.

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