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Monumentour in Oklahoma City – Zoo Amphitheatre

When I first heard of the Monumentour with headliners Paramore and Fall Out Boy, I jumped at the chance to buy tickets. The earliest I could buy them was in January, and I saw there were Meet and Greet VIP passes available, so I splurged to finally have a chance to meet the members of Paramore.

Thankfully the tour was coming to Oklahoma City, so I snapped up tickets for August 10th at the Zoo Amphitheatre.

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Eisley in Dallas

I’ve been following Eisley since 2004. I finally got the chance to see them live in Dallas this past weekend. In short, they were amazing. For a band that has been churning out music for over a decade, they are extremely humble. There’s even YouTube videos of them saying they never tried something acoustic so no promises, yet they were amazing.

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Paramore – iTunes Festival – Full Set

I recently had the privilege of attending a live Paramore concert in Oslo on June 25th. I was able to experience the magic again via the iTunes Festival held in London.

To view the full performance, visit this link (it’ll open iTunes and you’ll be able to play it from there).

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One of my friends was feeling down today, so I decided to send along a video to cheer her up. With the help of my favorite Australian (Natalie Imbruglia), I was able to help out.

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Sick of Sarah Winner – Iris!!!

Back in February, I wrote about how Sick of Sarah was willing to give away a signed CD to one of my readers.

I quickly chose Iris, who lives near the Phoenix area in Arizona. She obviously was/is a bigger fan than I was. I had already received my own swag at SXSW in March, so I just wanted to make sure Iris got everything she needed.

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Bulletproof Cover

What can I say? I’m a fan of the song Bulletproof by La Roux. It’s an older song, but still a guilty pleasure.

While trying to re-listen to the song on YouTube, I came across this cover by the guys at Get Set Radio (a London based band).

The cover is a nice take on the song, going full acoustic with a alt-punk feel.

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Sick of Sarah New Album 2205 Signed CD Giveaway

Anyone who reads this blog knows I absolutely love the band Sick of Sarah (you can read my short review here).

Recently I was contacted by the band to give away one autographed physical copy of their newly released album 2205 on this site.

Contest Rules for the Autographed Physical Copy of Sick of Sarah’s 2205 Album

Entering is easy. Just leave a comment on this post, tweet about Sick of Sarah’s new album, or mention Sick of Sarah on your Facebook profile.

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Sick of Sarah – New Album – 2205

Back in October, I pre-ordered an album on iTunes for one of my favorite girl bands, Sick of Sarah. While their name initially attracted me to the band (long story), I’ve grown quite fond of their music.

Their new album, 2205 (get it on iTunes), is a slight departure from their earlier sound, but still has the Sick of Sarah feel.

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