Invent This – Eliminate Acronymese

Whether you’re reading a Government document, technical manual, engineering documentation, or an internal memo, acronyms make a document virtually unreadable unless the person reading is intimately familiar with each and every acronym listed.

I have personally had to read draft after draft of documents that have acronyms defined on the first page, but never defined thereafter. I have found myself reading a paragraph over and over, having to flip back to the first page so I could loosely interpret what the author is trying to say.

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Invent This – The Laptop Monkey

If you haven’t seen the rather hilarious Trunk Monkey commercials, you should head over to the website and check them out. After watching several of the commercials and talking to one of my friends, I thought of an idea that would revolutionize laptop security: the Laptop Monkey.

Renter’s insurance, biometrics, and laptop locks will only take care of your laptop to a certain degree. It seems that every week we hear of a laptop being stolen with thousands of consumer names on it. Every laptop needs its own personal laptop bodyguard: the Laptop Monkey.

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Invent This – You’ve Got Mail!

Picture of a mailboxI’m not a person who receives a lot of snail mail.  Snail mail, for the uninitiated, is just standard(non-electronic) mail.  In my case, I receive snail mail through the United States Postal Service (USPS).  It is always a let down going to my apartment mailbox and discovering there is nothing there.  I think there should be a way — in the age of modern wireless communications — that the USPS could alert somebody when there is actually mail in their mailbox.  It would almost be the equivalent of your favorite instant messenger program popping up and saying, “You’ve got mail!” 

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