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I do write about everyday happenings in my life. I try to keep these to a minimum, but sometimes real life is the only thing I can write about.

Small Cars in Norway

When I first arrived to Norway in November of 2011, I was in immense culture shock. One thing that still intrigues me is the size of the vehicles here. I almost felt like I was in a Jason Bourne movie (well, without all the fighting, gun shots, and the hot German woman from Run Lola Run).

Here’s a small gallery (which I add to from time to time) of the small cars I’ve found in Norway (for those on mobile phones, here’s a direct link).

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Why I Enjoy Killing the Un-dead

Left for Dead 2

It’s been quite an inside joke how much I love playing the game Left for Dead 2 (i.e., the most awesome zombie killing game ever). My friends, family, and co-workers will typically ask me, “So, how many zombies did you slay this weekend?”

My typical response is, “Thousands. And I didn’t even write a note to their mothers thanking them for the pleasure.”

Why do I have such an infatuation with the murderous frenzy enabled by my mouse and keyboard?

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I'm in Norway

This post has been a long time coming, but I’ve moved to Oslo, Norway. Why a long time coming? Well, I’ve been here off and on since November of 2011.

How I got here is a rather long story, but let’s just say the opportunity arose, and I jumped on it.

Welcome to Norway…

I’ve grown up in various climates. When I was a kid, I lived in snowy Tonapah, Nevada.

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Photo by Esther Simpson

In life, we make mistakes. They’re as concrete as paying taxes and dying.

I often quote a saying: “If people supposedly learn from their mistakes, why are we not all geniuses?”

Regardless if mistakes make a person smarter, I do think mistakes in life are an absolute necessity.

There are the dumb redneck mistakes that make up the joke, “How do you know a redneck is about to die?” “He turns around to his peers and yells, ‘Hey, watch this!'”

Then there are the genuine mistakes where you hurt yourself or others, whether emotionally or physically.

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I'm Taking Voice Lessons

I’ve always been one to try to perfect (as much as possible) a craft I love and enjoy. For example, I got heavily into film and slide photography when I was a college student. As a result, when digital photography exploded, I was already ready and knew more about film theory than most people.

The same with dancing. I’ve always been a terrible dancer, but my ex-wife forced me to take lessons.

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