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I do write about everyday happenings in my life. I try to keep these to a minimum, but sometimes real life is the only thing I can write about.

X-Men 3

I jokingly e-mailed Sarah this morning and told her that we should go to the midnight showing at the new Rave Theater here in Huntsville.  Without even checking her e-mail, Sarah found out that X-Men 3 was playing at midnight.  I told her to go ahead and buy tickets.  She did so at about noon.

Only after arriving at our theater at ten o’clock in the evening did we realize that both screens for X-Men were completely sold out.  We were the first ones in line, and nobody really joined us in line until about 10:30.  After that, droves of people showed up.  The line (the part that I could see) was about two hundred feet long.  I felt silly for arriving so early, but I knew from past experience that this was the kind of movie where there was a line.

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On the Road Again

I’ll be flying out today to the great city of Amarillo, Texas to visit my ageing grandmother. She’s not in the best of health right now, and I was encouraged to go see her while she’s able to be out and about. Unfortunately, this may be the last time I see her alive. She is a great woman and I will miss her dearly when it is her time go home.

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The Difference Between Black and Brown

My first real post in my blog and I have to write about something embarrassing.

I am in training this week, and on Monday I got to class about 7 a.m. I was drinking my coffee and I crossed my legs. I noticed a large black shoe. I said to myself, “I thought I put on brown shoes this morning.” I looked at my other shoe and gasped as I noticed I was wearing a black shoe on my left foot and a brown shoe on my right.

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