I do write about everyday happenings in my life. I try to keep these to a minimum, but sometimes real life is the only thing I can write about.

Photo of Lady Exhausted


A couple of weeks ago I encountered what my roommate described as “extreme laziness.” A little background…

I am moving out of my apartment and we did a lot of work on it on a Saturday. Finally, my back had had it (I have a bad back) and I told Pauli (who was helping me) that I couldn’t lift anymore. So we gathered up the remaining items and headed home.

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Mania In The Time of Stress

Stress can trigger mania in those suffering from bipolar mental illness. In this short article, I will go over what mania is, the symptoms, and how to combat it.

What is Mania?

Also known as “going manic”, mania is a serious mental condition where a person’s mood is typically elevated.

Here’s a definition:

Bipolar mania, or simply mania, is a phase of bipolar disorder.

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Anxiety Sucks

I’ve been struggling with anxiety for decades. It’s painful. It affects my mood. It’s probably one of the main factors that ended my first marriage in hindsight. It’s very likely it’s what caused me to drink heavily, resulting in horrible liver factors and possibly the cause of my diabetes.

What is Anxiety For Me?

For me, anxiety has me on edge 24/7.

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Going Off Xanax – My Experience

Going off of Xanax has been a life-changing experience. My psychiatrist prescribed it for anxiety, and I mostly used it at nighttime to help me sleep. I wasn’t abusing it per se, but I took it nightly. I was on the 2MG tablets, which is the highest dose.

Why Were You Taken Off Xanax?

For starters, let’s get into why I was taken off Xanax in the first place.

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Sing! by Smule

American Idiot

Over the past year or so I’ve been doing American Idiot songs on Smule. I’m not a great singer, but here goes.

American Idiot

Jesus of Suburbia


Are We The Waiting/St. Jimmy

Give Me Novocaine/She’s a Rebel

Extraordinary Girl


Wake Me Up When September Ends



And honorable mentions…

Ordinary World

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Year in Review – 2014

It’s been a few years since I’ve written a year-in-review post, so here ya go! My goal in this post is to sneak in two f-bombs, so let’s see how I do.

The year of unemployment…

I quit my WordPress-related job at the beginning of the year. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but remote work just didn’t work out for me. I’d definitely like to try it again, but for the time-being, I prefer a good ol’ office job.

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Monumentour in Oklahoma City – Zoo Amphitheatre

When I first heard of the Monumentour with headliners Paramore and Fall Out Boy, I jumped at the chance to buy tickets. The earliest I could buy them was in January, and I saw there were Meet and Greet VIP passes available, so I splurged to finally have a chance to meet the members of Paramore.

Thankfully the tour was coming to Oklahoma City, so I snapped up tickets for August 10th at the Zoo Amphitheatre.

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