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Three Annoying Cell Phone Habits While Around Others

Peeve Week - Two women sitting at a table having coffee.  One is on a cell phone.

Bes Z. contributed this article. Please check out his website: The Reasoner.

Having a cell phone is a necessity for many people today. We keep in touch with our friends through our cell phones, and we also check news through it. We text message our friends via the phone, and we also take pictures through it. With a trend that is outpacing itself from other trends like wearing a watch, there are more and more annoyances everyday that need to be addressed when it comes to using cell phone around people. Here is my list of 3 annoying habits that some people cannot seem to avoid when they use their cell phones in public.

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The flow of offline discrimination onto the Internet

Bes Z. contributed this article for Peeve Week. Please check out his website: The Reasoner.

A website is like a house. We usually know the house owner before we visit them. Online, however, we usually get to see a website first and then come to know the author. This is a good thing, for it allows us to break away from the chains of stereotypical discrimination and instead look at someone based on their achievements in the form of their website. Having such a mentality online helps us in real life also. However, just like in real life, we usually discriminate others without realizing it many times. If we can get used to not discriminating on the web, we will be hesitant before discriminating in real life. I will summarize below two forms of discrimination that exist in the real world and also online.

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