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Uno and Friends – Tips – Companions, Team Uno & Journey

Uno Level 200!

Yay! I made it to the very top level!

This is my second post on Uno and Friends, with my first covering Uno & Friends – Tips and Tricks. This post will cover the recent update, which includes Journey.

My article on Update 17 is out as well. It covers the two recently added Journeys and more.

The Evil-ution of Uno and Friends

In June of 2014, Ronald Huereca posted his Why Uno and Friends is Evil post on this blog, back in a simpler time before Leagues, Uno Dare, Companions, Team Uno and now Uno Journey.

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Uno and Friends: Tips and Tricks

Uno & Friends - Current Level

Uno & Friends – Current Level

Uno & Friends has released a new update, and I wrote an update to include Companions, Team Uno, and Uno Journey

My article on Update 17 is out as well.

Uno was a card game I had never attempted until one fateful day. I had never played either the card game or the online version of Uno until a friend convinced me to download the game.

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Confessions of an Drugaholic

From October 6th through the 12th, it is Mental Health Awareness Week. This is a guest post from Pauli Loeffler.

For most of my life I have had insomnia. As a kid, I went to bed at 8 or 9 (supposedly) and then would sneak into the dining room and watch my parents’ TV from under the dining room table (says a great deal about their sex life since they left their bedroom open).

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AMTRAK – Another fine example of our tax dollars at work

This is a guest contribution by Tom Hargrave

I’m sure you’ve seen the AMTRAK commercials lately. Having fond memories of traveling just about anywhere in Germany by train, I decided to see what the service really offered.

And since I already travel between Huntsville, AL and Milwaukee, WI, I decided to see what a AMTRAK trip would cost me in time and money.

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Please Stereotype Me In 5 Ways!

Different people, please stereotype me - image

This post was written as part of Peeve Week 2: Stereotypes.

So, are you a student?” I get asked when I go to a mechanic wearing a winter cap. “So, do you work?” I get asked at the bank when I may look scruffy. At bars I’m sometimes picked on by both girls and guys if I even look at them for a second, since they assume I’m looking for a date; even when I am there only to give someone a ride.

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Not So Beautiful Stereotype On Physical Attractiveness

Lonely Girl

This post was written as part of Peeve Week 2: Stereotypes.

Quoting Wikipedia: “The physical attractiveness stereotype is a term that psychologists use to refer to the tendency to assume that people who are physically attractive also possess other socially desirable personality traits.”

Various studies have been conducted on this subject matter. Despite feeling jealous of others being more physically attractive, people tend to prefer to work with, be friends with, hang out with, and look at beautiful people.

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All In Favor of Being Stereotyped, Please Raise Your Hand

Raising a Hand

This entry was written as part of Peeve Week 2: Stereotypes.

Not many people like being stereotyped, myself included. Stereotypes put you in a box with a label on it. Once you’ve been stereotyped, you are seen only in the context of “your” box. Kiss rational thought goodbye because it is “impossible” for you to think outside of “your” box.

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Stereotyping Serves No Purpose But to Hurt

Please Fill in Your Ethnicity

This post was written as part of Peeve Week 2: Stereotypes.

We are one race, one people. Even with the colors of our skin, the boundaries of our countries, the languages that we speak, we are one. Yet every day, we debilitate our own diversity, furiously establishing our small — and so insignificant — niches in the world that we call home.

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Viva Free Internet

Chained to the Laptop

This post was written as part of Peeve Week 2: Internet.

Internet has evolved quite a lot since 1969 when ARPANET first launched it. Thanks to Tim Berners-Lee’s invention of HTTP in 1989 we got the 8th wonder: the World Wide Web.

Now, in XXI century more and more people are getting Internet connections. As of June 10, 2007, 1.133 billion people use the Internet according to Internet World Stats.

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A Website is About the Content, Not the Bling

Do Not Disturb Sign

This post was written as part of Peeve Week 2: Internet.

It seems that all of our tastes in life mature with age with the exception of web content. It is usual for young girls to enjoy blingy pink toys & clothes, and young boys to run around in Spiderman pajamas. It would be quite embarrassing to be caught in either at this point in life.

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