I am a Christian and I like writing about Christian things every now and then. My writing about Christianity is not hellfire and brimstone, nor do I try to impose my beliefs on others.

If Christianity Were Like Public Service

Ronald Huereca

A person who becomes a public servant is required to place the public’s best interest over their own. A public servant is to be impartial, loyal, disciplined, and unwavering in his or her commitment to a country. In comparison, a Christian is to place the will of God before their own. A Christian (putting it rather simply) is to serve God, and believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus for salvation.

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The Bible Says it's Wrong

Today I was reading the editorial section of a local paper. Within the editorial section was a survey asking random people what they thought about the legality of gay marriages. Two of the people answering the survey gave their reasons behind why they thought gay marriages should be outlawed: because the Bible says gay marriages are wrong.

I’m not here to argue gay marriage, so please don’t bring that up in any comments or trackbacks.

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My Revelation

Ronald Huereca

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This fictional short story was inspired by C.S. Lewis’s book “The Screwtape Letters.” This story is entirely fiction. The characters and places in this story are made up. The Bible doesn’t necessarily go into detail about what happens after we die, so I made up some of the concepts and scenarios. You could potentially consider this an introduction into “The Screwtape Letters” when Mr.

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Our Claim to Life

Have you ever had your mother say to you, “I brought you into this world… And I can take you out!” As cruel as it is to hear your own mother threaten to kill you, it does have a slight ring of logical sense. My mother did bring me into this world. Wouldn’t it be logical that she would be the same one to take me out?

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Death is Inconvenient

As hard as it is to pencil someone in for an appointment taking up our time, it is even harder to pencil someone in who is dead or dying. Appointments need to be canceled, plane tickets need to be purchased (at exorbitant prices), and funeral arrangements need to be made. None of these are cheap, nor easy to do. The fact is, death is an inconvenience.

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