I am a Christian and I like writing about Christian things every now and then. My writing about Christianity is not hellfire and brimstone, nor do I try to impose my beliefs on others.

You Were Gay? No Christian Funeral For You.

There are a few things I despise about my religion that is Christianity. Wait, let me rephrase. There are a few things about people who call themselves Christians that I despise. One particular thing I don’t like is Christians who automatically are repulsed when they find out someone is a homosexual.

In Arlington, Texas, a megachurch called HighPoint was to conduct a funeral for a fallen veteran named Cecil Howard Sinclair.

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Can You Delay the Inevitable?

I usually end all of my e-mails with a quote: you can only delay the inevitable. My quotation is simply saying that the inevitable will occur, but one can postpone it.

One of my friends has constantly debated me on the issue. He said that if you could delay what was inevitable, then the inevitability mentioned wasn’t really inevitable.

Definition of Inevitable

According to

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The Choice for R-Rated Movies

When I lived in Phoenix, Arizona, I heard about that the Star Wars Episode II was going to be showing on the local IMAX. I was very excited because I was (and still am) a HUGE Star Wars fan. Our church planned to go see the movie as a group. I was very new to the church and only knew a couple of members, so this outing was a chance for me to meet the other members of the church.

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Christianity and Fitness – Meditation

Please read the previous article in the Christianity and Fitness series: Intimidation.

As with most things in life, it is better to take things slowly. If you rush through things, you might miss a detail, get in an accident, or not reach the goal you are striving for.

With both Christianity and fitness, it is important to take your time so that meaning isn’t lost and your time isn’t wasted.

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I'm Glad I Can Talk to God

Sometimes it is tough to keep an Eternal perspective when life has you pinned down and you feel trapped on this planet. I get frustrated that people on this planet have the nerve to tell somebody else, “You’re not good enough for me to talk to you.”

I’m thankful that God — the creator of all things — is willing to take the time and listen to my cries.

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