Occasionally I find a product, cd, book, or movie that I really enjoy. I like to share my joy (or my pain).

Snip, Snip – Part 2

Before picture of ronald's hair getting cut

This post is actually a duplicate of the one I made yesterday.  I just wanted to test out the capabilities of Microsoft’s new blogging tool.  It can upload images into my WordPress blog without FTP, which is rather nice.   Just for that feature alone it is far superior to the Performancing Plugin for Firefox.

One thing that is nice about the images is that you can add borders and drop shadows without any effort whatsoever. 

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Putting Life Into Perspective

After much hyped critical acclaim over the movie World Trade Center, I must say that for once the critics have finally done their job correctly. World Trade Center is a must see. Normally Oliver Stone movies are gory, political, and just downright vicious. However, World Trade Center doesn’t show anything unnecessary to tell the story of the two characters buried in the rubble that was once the World Trade Center.

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New Potential Layout

Unless anyone has any very strong objections, this will be the new layout. It’ll be a month or so before I get all the coding and colors done, but it should be worth it. I took Pam’s advise and created something that kind of suits my personality.

I tried experimenting with creating other photo-realistic effects, but to no avail. Nothing was working.

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In Need of Suggestions

I am trying to add several new features to my website, but my current design doesn’t have “space” for any more features. In my opinion, the current design is rather cluttered and I’m hoping to break things down and make life easier for any users of my site.

I constructed a new layout for my site, and I’m having second thoughts about it.

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An Awesome DiscPerience

Picture from DiscOasisI went to my fourth show of DiscOasis (MySpace Profile) on May 26, 2006. I had the wonderful pleasure of talking to some of the band members before the show. It was almost time for them to begin, and the Crossroads Café had only twenty people in it. When I raised the possibility of hardly anybody showing up, one of the guys I talked to optimistically stated, “At least it’ll be a paid practice then.”

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I was in Hot Topic about three weeks ago listening to some of their c.d.s. Instead of listening to a lot of the punk music, I decided to try their “hard core” section. I’m not normally into that kind of music. However, I stumbled upon a band called Flyleaf (MySpace Music Profile). They sound like what Evanescence should have sounded like.

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