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Sick of Sarah at SXSW in Austin, Texas

Abisha Uhl, Lead Singer of Sick of Sarah

I first learned of Sick of Sarah in August of 2008. My ex-wife is named Sarah, and while browsing iTunes, a band’s name intrigued me: Sick of Sarah. I thought to myself, “A band with a name that great has to be good.” Their song Daisies was the first one I sampled and I’ve been hooked ever since.

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Sick of Sarah New Album 2205 Signed CD Giveaway

Anyone who reads this blog knows I absolutely love the band Sick of Sarah (you can read my short review here).

Recently I was contacted by the band to give away one autographed physical copy of their newly released album 2205 on this site.

Contest Rules for the Autographed Physical Copy of Sick of Sarah’s 2205 Album

Entering is easy. Just leave a comment on this post, tweet about Sick of Sarah’s new album, or mention Sick of Sarah on your Facebook profile.

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Sick of Sarah – New Album – 2205

Back in October, I pre-ordered an album on iTunes for one of my favorite girl bands, Sick of Sarah. While their name initially attracted me to the band (long story), I’ve grown quite fond of their music.

Their new album, 2205 (get it on iTunes), is a slight departure from their earlier sound, but still has the Sick of Sarah feel.

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Lada Gaga Telephone Parody

I absolutely ‘dare’ you to watch the “Telephone” video by Lada Gaga.

If you are not staring in total disbelief by the end of the video, there is something insanely wrong with you.

Lada Gaga Telephone Video

And, the Parody

To fully appreciate the Parody, you must watch the entire original video. Yes, the original sucks. Yes, it’s long. But, the parody is so worth it and you won’t “get it” unless you watch the original.

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Like a Prayer

One of my all time favorite Madonna songs is “Like a Prayer.”

Here’s a few variations, starting with the original.

The Gold Standard

The Glee Version

TV Version

iTunes Version

And Finally, the Punk Version by Rufio

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My Favorite Glee Songs – Season 1

My sister did something evil last year, which was turn me on to the music/drama series Glee.

After watching several episodes, I admit I became emotionally invested in the characters and the songs they sing.

Here are several I really enjoyed out of Season 1.

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My Tribute to Natalie Imbruglia

I am often told I like too many female artists. Natalie Imbruglia is not the exception.

She joins the ranks of other foreign female artists I absolutely love:

  • Sarah McLachlan – Canadian
  • Dido – British
  • And Natalie Imbruglia – Australian

Throughout her career, she’s released four (that’s 4) albums, and people mostly only know of one (from her popular 90’s hit Torn).

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Flyleaf – Part 2

Let’s just say I’m a “huge” fan of girl bands, especially Flyleaf. In case you missed it, I love Hey Monday, Sick of Sarah, and Paramore as well.

My closest friends always ask me, “Why do you like girl singers and bands so much?” I personally have no clue, but I am drawn to them much more than the likes of Linkin’ Park and *gag* Nickelback.

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Go Paramore! Part 2

You might remember my last review on Paramore (which is quickly becoming my favorite band).

Their latest (and much anticipated) CD was released a little over a week ago to much fanfare. Practically everyone loves the new CD.

Their new CD is called “Brand New Eyes” and has quite a few catchy tunes.

Here are some of my favorites:

Brick by Boring Brick

This song discusses breaking down barriers to someone building a wall between them and the world.

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Hey Monday – And Paramore!

One of the things I like to do on this site is post reviews of artists I like. You might remember my posts on Flyleaf and Sick of Sarah (the latter went mainstream).

Two artists I would like to mention are Hey Monday and Paramore.

Both have female lead singers, and both belong to the alt-punk genre.

For those interested in buying the albums, I’ve included some Amazon links at the bottom of this post.

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