Flags of Our Fathers Review

Flags of Our Fathers BookI have probably read the book Flags of Our Fathers three or four times. I have lost count. The book starts off by introducing the readers to the six flag raisers, follows the flag raises through boot camp, and to the island of Iwo Jima. The book then focuses on the three remaining flag raisers and their efforts to raise money for the war. After the “war bond” campaign, the book goes into what happened to each surviving flag raiser.

The movie of the same name does very little to focus on the flag raisers. Instead, the movie’s focus is the picture that Joe Rosenthal took that elevated six ordinary men to the status of hero. Two of the three flag raisers are reluctant to be cast into the national spotlight, but do so nonetheless.

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Hopedoor is on iTunes

For those fortunate enough to have an iTunes music store account, you should check out a band called Hopedoor. The band is a Christian praise-and-worship band with some beautiful songs. You will not be able to find this band in any “popular” retail establishments, so the band being on iTunes is a big convenience.


I was in Hot Topic about three weeks ago listening to some of their c.d.s. Instead of listening to a lot of the punk music, I decided to try their “hard core” section. I’m not normally into that kind of music. However, I stumbled upon a band called Flyleaf (MySpace Music Profile). They sound like …

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