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Monthly Survey – Is 'Semper Fi Fag' Free Speech?

Albert Snyder, a grieving father of a Marine killed in combat, has hit Westboro Baptist Church with a giant left hook.

He argues that the group’s protests at funerals (carrying signs such as ‘Thank God for Dead Soldiers’ and ‘Semper Fi Fags’) is a violation of 1st Amendment rights to free speech. The case will be heard by the Supreme Court during the fall of 2010.

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Monthly Survey: Gays in the Military?

FoxNews recently reported that Obama would eventually repeal the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. The policy in place is popular in Congress and the U.S. Military. However, a repeal would be a huge step forward for gay civil rights.

This month’s monthly survey is this: should the United States allow gays to openly serve in its military?

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Weekend Survey – Anyone See the Transformers?

I went and saw the Transformers this week and was very disappointed. Knowing that Michael Bay (the one who screwed up Pearl Harbor) was directing lowered my expectations quite a bit. In fact, I went into the movie thinking, “At least the special effects will be cool.”

Unfortunately, the clichés, bad acting, plot holes, and bad dialog couldn’t cover up the special effects, even on a first viewing.

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