…Blood was just pouring out

“Oh my God! Can you help me?”

I was inside playing a video game on my friend’s Playstation when I turned towards the voice coming through the open balcony.

I turned my head and saw a young girl (probably 16 or 17) holding her lip as blood poured down her chin like a red waterfall.

“What the hell happened?” my friend Jennifer asked, running outside.

“I don’t know!” the girl replied, barely able to talk.

I looked at my friend Jennifer, who happened to be a nurse, and asked, “What do you need?”

“Ice.” Jennifer said calmly.

I calmly walked to the freezer, grabbed a tray of ice, and walked outside.

One of the other guys in the apartment had brought out a towel, so I dropped several cubes in it and the bleeding girl held it up to her lip.

Again, Jennifer tried to ask, “What happened?”

The girl released the towel from her mouth, and the blood literally squirted out. She had somehow ruptured an artery.

“We need to get you to the hospital.” Jennifer said.

Jennifer quickly gathered her things, got the girl in her front seat, and drove the twenty or so miles to the nearest hospital emergency room.

When Jennifer got back, her car’s interior was covered in blood.

“Did they see her right away?” I asked Jennifer.

“Absolutely. Arterial bleeding is no joke.”

“Well, thanks for doing that. For taking her. Not too many people would have done the same thing.”

“Of course they would have.” Jennifer said smiling.

“No. Unfortunately, no they wouldn’t have.”

11 thoughts on “…Blood was just pouring out”

  1. Good for her. And you too.

    So, were you calm because Jennifer was calm, or just because? 🙂


  2. @cetroyer,

    I know from experience that rushing only adds chaos to the situation, and it’s no good for anybody. Her calmness helped my calmness.

    She definitely demonstrated her nurse traits.

  3. What a bad video, hope this guy survived it and the idiots who just passed by should be arrested too, like the guy who hit and run. How bad is the world? Your last reply to Jennifer is very sad but true. 🙁

  4. Whoa that’s a crazy story. Did you end up finding out how she hurt herself? Your friend is a really nice person, because most people wouldn’t have done that (you are right)… that kind of story gives me hope that there are really kind-hearted people in this world that would sacrifice something to help someone in need.

  5. In paintball, players have ruptured arteries when they get cut running through the woods (like a sewer pipe that can’t be seen). A ruptured artery is very dangerous because the body is so quickly losing blood.

    Did you ever find out how this happened? (Or maybe it’s confidential.)

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