Blogging Goals for 2008

To be honest, I don’t see how I can outdo myself in 2008 for the blogging accomplishments I’ve accomplished in 2007. In no particular order, here are some of my major blogging accomplishments in 2007:

With all that accomplished, let’s hope I can do something perhaps a little better for 2008. Here are my goals:

Start a Spanish Blog

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog with the Spanish language for a while now. I have had trouble thinking of a niche though. I hope to get over my fears and plunge into this project and improve my Spanish at the same time.

Re-design and Modernization of Madison Bible Church Website

I’m one of the project leads for One of my goals for the site is to modernize it and make posting and finding information a lot easier.

Re-design of RA Project

I did the initial re-design of RA Project, but it’s become apparent that the website is due for a new theme that is not from my own hand. Let’s just say that I don’t want to attempt another redesign with me being spread so thin.

A Peeve Week 3

I have to admit that after Peeve Week 2, I kinda just stopped posting to this blog as much as I used to. I have a bunch of excuses, but none of them matter. I hope to start posting to this blog regularly again and hopefully have a Peeve Week 3 in June (the one year anniversary of Peeve Week 2). A lot of the articles have become extremely popular and hopefully continue to drive traffic to the websites of everyone that participated.

If anything, I’ll host Peeve Week 3 on another blog, which will save me the admin headache 🙂

Attend WordPress Related Meetups

I plan to attend my first WordPress related meetup in two weeks in Nashville, Tennessee. I also will try to make it to WordCamp Dallas in March.

Jeff (from Jeffro2pt0) has also invited me to be part of his podcast called WordPress Weekly. I’ve already done a few shows.


Thank you for reading my blogging goals. I just hope I can accomplish some of them. Thank you for reading 🙂

8 thoughts on “Blogging Goals for 2008”

  1. Well, considering you’ve been on an episode or 2, might as well consider that goal accomplished! Hope you’ll be on for a few more and I promise I will do my best to improve the show from a host standpoint. That last episode really was a downer.

  2. Hi there…

    saw you listed on the Nashville wordpress meetup and thought I would drop by and say hey! I can not wait to go. I love wordpress, but I admit I am still learning.

    I am very impressed by your 2007 blogging accomplishments!

  3. @Jeff,
    I was using a wireless connection, so next time I’ll connect using Cat-5. Hopefully I’ll sound better 🙂


    Thank you. Look forward to meeting everyone.

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