Blog Rerun – Morality and Homosexuality

These next two posts have to deal with Christianity and the issues of morality and homosexuality.

  • Walking on the Eggshells of Morality

    When was the last time you felt like going on a murderous rampage? Hopefully never, but I imagine that there are days when you just want to choke the life out of somebody. The thing that keep us from going on our ‘murderous rampage’ and other hateful acts is our sense or morality, or our sense of what’s right and wrong. Any reasonable person will realize that taking someone’s life is inherently wrong. When the issues of right and wrong are out in the open and plain to see, it is easy to make decisions. However, what happens when our sense of morality is clouded or doesn’t happen to fall in line with the societal norm? My wife calls this slip in morality the ripple-effect of consequences.

  • Does Religion Promote Hatred Towards Gays?

    Does religion actually preach that homosexuals are supposed to be hated? And does God really hate fags?

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