Blog Anxiety Part 2

This post is a continuation of a previous post regarding blog anxiety.

After talking with several bloggers, I have come up with some more symptoms and causes of blog anxiety.

Content Theft

A typical blog post for me takes at least an hour. Now some punk goes and takes my content and puts it on his site as well. This content-scraper can now interlace the content I created with ads and make money off of my work.

What’s a blogger to do when they find out someone has been stealing their content? One option is to contact the person directly, but this may not work out in all cases.

My biggest problem is that people will take an excerpt of my content and place it on their site without any commentary. I don’t have a problem with people quoting my work, but at least provide some unique spin.

Stats Frenzy

There just seems to be too many stats packages out there right now. Most bloggers are familiar with AWStats. Other stats packages include Mint and Google Analytics. There are many more.

A lot of bloggers (myself included) are concerned that people are actually going to the site. While comments on blog posts are good, when the comments stop rolling in, all a blogger can hope for is that people are reading the content.

Stats can be a curse, however. You know you have it bad when you check your stats every hour or so to see who the most recent referrer is. It’s like watching water boil.

Posting Time

I try if I can to not post something at midnight. The reason is, I usually find myself staying awake to make sure that the post was published correctly. I also wake up periodically in the middle of the night to see if anyone has commented.

I find that when I set a post to publish at around 0600, I have a better night’s sleep.

Comment Spam

I hate e-mail spam. But at least nobody sees the e-mail spam except me. With comment spam, every one of my readers has the potential to see the spam I get. Fortunately, bloggers have a powerful ally with Akismet. I have also installed a plugin on my blog to stop spam bots from posting comments.

A good spam filter and spam plugins do not stop idiotic people from posting random gibberish though. As a result, I still moderate first-time comments.


Somebody once told me that if you kill a cricket, you’ll have some bad luck. With blog posts, however, I’d like to see all crickets die a horrible, torture-induced death.

Crickets can be louder than silence. It’s one thing to write a post that doesn’t have any comments. It’s another to pour one’s heart and soul into a post and then nothing.

I am comforted by the fact that the cricket-type posts are probably the best ones.

The Second Shift

Like most people, I have a day job. Some bloggers have studies to attend do. Some bloggers have both.

Coming home from my day job to blog sometimes feels like a second shift. Blogging is time consuming. Most of the time is spent cleaning up spam, leaving comments on other blogs, interacting with other bloggers, research, reading other blogs, coming up with blog topics, and finally writing.

I personally don’t believe in the post everyday mentality of some bloggers. If I did that, I wouldn’t be writing about blog anxiety. Instead, I would probably be writing about blog insanity.


All bloggers have milestones that they would like to reach. For example, one milestone could be to reach a certain number of feed subscribers. Another milestone might be to achieve a certain Technorati ranking.

I personally would like to see a higher subscriber count and also more interaction between me and the readers.

However, there is a difference between having a goal for a milestone and expecting a milestone. Do I expect more subscribers? No. Do I want more? Certainly. So what am I going to do to get more subscribers?

It’s good to have milestones, but when these milestones aren’t met, it can be a little unnerving. My advice would be to do what you can to reach a milestone, but not to get discouraged if the milestone isn’t met.


There are probably many other forms and causes of blog anxiety that are out there. If you have one that I haven’t covered, please respond in the comments. You might just see a Part 3.

Thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “Blog Anxiety Part 2”

  1. Excellent. 🙂 Content theft is something I noticed happening for my feeds recently, where some scrapping sites posted excerpts and posted ads around those excerpts. I used the Anti-leech plugin and I hope that stopped them or slowed them down.

    Stats frenzy; I have now the habit of checking 2 things in the morning: new comments to see what people are saying, and the feed count. Posting time is something that is affecting me these days; I am not somehow sitting down to write a new post around 6 or 7 pm PST, and trying to have a post ready before midnight too. I have to move that timing to sometime earlier, so that I can enjoy the last few hours before going to sleep. Stressing over the clearness and length of a post and then immediately going to sleep is not a good thing.

    Crickets on my blog really make me sad. I have written posts recently and last year that I spent days, if not weeks, perfecting and they did not receive any comments.

    I will try to think of more blog anxieties for you soon. 🙂

  2. Bes,

    Looking forward to them. I definitely can relate to your point about coming home about 6 or 7 and sitting down to write a post. I've actually done it two nights in a row. 🙂 It's a lot better than publishing at midnight for me though. The best weeks are the weeks where I'm actually a couple of days ahead, but that takes a lot of writing.

  3. My name is Bonnie/Grandma and yes, I do have blog anxiety.

    I wrote a post which I admit is longer than a blog post should be. I think I read on some "how to blog" site that said 250 words or less. Anyway, I spilled my heart out about my husbands recent heart problems as sort of a release, nothing much has come of it and I added pics and all.

    Anyone have a violin?

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