Blink 182 and Greenday

A true story about me and my friend Kris going to a Blink and Greenday concert.

April 19th, 2002

On February 21st, 2002, I woke up earlier than usual to buy tickets to go see the band I love. Blink 182 was coming to town again! My roommate and I went to see them last September 17th, and it totally rocked! I bought tickets for my roommate and I, and our fate was sealed. On April 19th, we would be going to see Blink 182.

Just a few months before, I read an article from a music fan wishing Blink 182 would team up with Green Day. Imagine, two of the greatest punk bands getting together for a tour. The tour would knock all the doors down. Coincidence has a way of sneaking up on people. Green Day decided to jump on tour with Blink 182 to promote their new International Superhits C.D. So, not only was I going to see Blink, I was also going to see Green Day. Now I only had two months to wait, two very long months.

On April 18th, my roommate and I decided to go scope out America West Arena to make sure we knew how to get there. We were lucky we did. We got lost on the way there, and on the way back. When we went home, we went to sleep reassured that everything was going to go ok.

However, the following day, as we were headed to America West Arena, my roommate got off on the wrong exit. This resulted in a little adventure of it’s own. After traveling through a bunch of back streets, we went to Circle K to ask for directions. Finally, we made it on the right street and started heading for downtown.

Downtown Phoenix was very crowded! There were cars and people everywhere. We made it to 1st St. and Jefferson, which was where America West was. We were trying to go into the parking garage, but it was full. We decided to fork up the fifteen dollars for a parking spot on a privately owned lot. We headed for the Arena and began to wait in line.

The line itself was small. A bunch of kids were gathering around the front of the Arena, but there wasn’t a lot of organization going on. There were a bunch or radio stations that set up post around the area. Once a security person walked out the front entrance, everyone raced for the gate that blocked off the entrance.

My roommate and I were in the very front of this crowd, and we anxiously waited for the security personnel to let us in. A couple of kids ran past the security to the entrance doors, but they were pretty well guarded. We were at the Arena waiting from about 5 to 6:30pm. Just before they let us in, I looked up and saw Tom Delonge waving at us. Tom Delonge is one of the lead singers for Blink 182. I also saw Mark Hoppus just a few minutes later. He threw through French fries down and a bunch of girls chased after them. This one girl kept yelling out “Green Day, Green Day.” I told her to shut the **** up a couple of times.

When they let us in, we had to get checked around the waist and get our tickets checked in. My roommate and I both had to go to the bathroom, so we went there first. After that, it was a race for the best seats. We had general admission tickets, so we were on the floor. We were one of the first ones in, so we got to go right up to the rail right next to the stage. We sat down and anxiously waited for 7:30 to come. Naturally, my roommate and I got bored so we decided to talk to some people. There were three girls we talked to. They told us they were 17, but we didn’t believe them. Nevertheless, they became our buddies for the rest of the concert. They were smaller, so Kris (my roommate) and I decided to let them in front of us so they could see the stage better.

As 7:30 came closer, a bunch of fans jumped the barricades from the seats to the floor. It looked like a stampede. The girls we chose to let in front of us asked if this always happened. We looked at them and said, “Yeah.” We got their names, Lindsey, Amy, and Alex (short for Alexandia). As the concert started and Jimmy Eat World came to the stage, I put my earplugs in and grabbed on to the rail with all my might.

I ended up basically having my arm around Amy because of the way I was holding on to the bar. Doing so, I also protected her from the huge shoves that are normally given at the front of the stage. Kris also helped out the other two girls. However, Lindsey became really sick and puked in one of the security guy’s water cup. She ended up leaving right before Green Day came on stage.

Jimmy Eat World was amazingly good live. They had really good voices, and their music was awesome. I’ve listened to their C.D. and it sucks hard, but hearing it live was really good. They didn’t really talk that much or put on that much of a show, but the quality of their music was good.

The next band to come on stage was Green Day. Green Day put on quite a show. They played most of their popular hits, including my favorite one by them, Longview. Since we were right by the stage, I got a really good look at Billy Joe (the lead singer from Green Day). At one particular part of the show, Billy Joe grabbed three people from the audience and had them play drums, bass, and lead guitar. The three all stage dived back into the crowd. It was awesome!

I was getting tired and hoping Green Day would end soon. Right before Blink came on, we caught up with Lindsey, who had left us earlier. She somehow managed to get to us. We couldn’t hold on at the front anymore, so we gave up our spot. However, Lindsey didn’t last long because she threw up again into the crowd this time. She ran out of the pit up the stairs. We were still at the front, however. Amy and Alex decided to stick with Kris and I. We ended up staying with them for the rest of the show, which was cool because they were good company. Kris and I were afraid that they liked us because they were a little young and there was nothing that was going to come of it.

Blink played all their good songs. We were all tired, but we still sang along. There was this one line that Tom said. Tom told the crowd, “All of you say Tom’s mom is a slut.” Everyone said, “Tom’s mom is a slut!!!” Tom said back in reply, “How’d you guys know that?” I thought that was funny.

I also caught Mark staring at the crowd all zombie like, and then snapping out of it. That was cool too. The last song Blink always plays is Dammit, and the crowd got really wired. I tried my best to stick with Kris, Amy and Alex. The concert finally ended, and everybody started to get out.

We caught up with Lindsey in the hallway of the Arena. Amy waved bye to me. I looked at Kris and said we have to at least give them a hug goodbye. I went and hugged Amy, and Kris hugged Alex and Lindsey. What bugs me is Amy did a double take. She hugged me, and just as I was letting go she hugged me again. I felt so depressed after that.

Overall, the concert went really well. I got to see all the bands clearly, we didn’t have to wait in a long ass line, and we got to see some pretty hot girls.

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