Best Posts of 2009

Although I didn’t write a novella here at, I did write some posts that I think are worth a second look.

Here are the best posts of 2009 (according to me).

What is that good tip amount?

Ever wondered how much to leave as a tip? My post explores from a waiter’s perspective how much to leave.

If a household were run like Congress…

My tongue-in-cheek story about a Household being run like Congress should ring true for just about anybody that’s had to deal with Government.

Pedophilia Revisited

An eye-opening revelation from an anonymous pedophile.

Six types of commercials I hate

There are commercials I absolutely hate. This post explores six types.

Obama and his peace prize

I felt like Obama was an idiot after winning his Nobel Peace Prize and playing twiddle-thumbs over Afghanistan.

You want to what?

My sister gave me hell over this post, but I think it should be mentioned again: I wanna *(#$* you.

Bad Client Bad

A friggin’ hilarious video.

When the wife gets a tattoo…

A controversy surrounds a story about a wife getting a tattoo, but not telling her husband.

That’s all I got! Let’s hope for more for 2010.

4 thoughts on “Best Posts of 2009”

  1. Why not set-up a poll and let us, your readers, vote? For example, I’d vote “Pedophilia Revisited” as number one, mostly because the article let me post my opinion of Pedophiles. And you know by now that I have a very strong opinion of many things.

  2. How about presenting the top 10 by volume and then asking the readers to vote on the following? We can only vote one for each category.

    Best article for the year
    Best commentaries
    Most entertaining
    And he last metrix would not be a vote at all – it would be most read daily average so that the older posts don’t gain an unfair advantage.

    You average the 5 results and rank the best in descending order.

  3. I’m relatively new to your blog site and I did not realize how extensive your site was until I went over your “Best Posts of 2009”. You have a huge amount of content on this web site. And you cover a wide range of subjects!!

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