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I am an attorney-at-telecommuting (i.e., I answer phone and email compliance questions for members of a trade organization). My slightly (?) perverted sense of humor helps keep me sane. I love animals, especially cats and dog. For fun, I like to sing karaoke, play Uno online, various board and card games in person and drinking red wine.

Uno and Friends – More Tips & Tricks (Update 17)

Uno and Friends Update 17

Uno and Friends will be ceasing in-app purchases June 30th and will be discontinued July 30th. Feel free to vent your frustrations on my post The Decline of Uno and Friends.

Uno and Friends Update 17 has been out about a month. I am neither impressed nor wholly disappointed by it. Server disconnect issues seem the same, and while the problem with giving gifts to your friends from the leadership boards was fixed for a brief time by a patch released after Update 16, it is FUBAR again with this update.

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