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I am an attorney-at-telecommuting (i.e., I answer phone and email compliance questions for members of a trade organization). My slightly (?) perverted sense of humor helps keep me sane. I love animals, especially cats and dog. For fun, I like to sing karaoke, play Uno online, various board and card games in person and drinking red wine.

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Uno and Friends – Tips – Companions, Team Uno & Journey

Uno Level 200!

Yay! I made it to the very top level!

This is my second post on Uno and Friends, with my first covering Uno & Friends – Tips and Tricks. This post will cover the recent update, which includes Journey.

My article on Update 17 is out as well. It covers the two recently added Journeys and more.

The Evil-ution of Uno and Friends

In June of 2014, Ronald Huereca posted his Why Uno and Friends is Evil post on this blog, back in a simpler time before Leagues, Uno Dare, Companions, Team Uno and now Uno Journey.

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