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It was my last day in Savannah, Georgia before heading back to Huntsville.

I closed my lid on my Mac Book Pro and headed back to my hotel to pack up.

When I got to the hotel, I opened up my Mac and awaited the familiar login screen. Nada. The screen was dead.

I held down the power button and tried to restart. Again, nada.

It turned out it was a logic board problem on my Mac Book Pro (MBP).

Once I got back to Huntsville, I scheduled a “Genius” appointment with my local Apple Store.

I was fortunate enough to have purchased a 3-Year Apple Care Warranty with my MBP. So I envisioned no problems with turning my laptop in to the world-class support that only Apple can provide.

A Stupid Hardware Defect

When I brought in my MBP, the Apple “Genius” tested it out and concluded that it was indeed my logic board.

However, I have a small dent on one of my USB ports (which still works by-the-way).

He mentioned because there was a defect in the hardware, it would cost at least $1500 just to look at it.

I balked, and said, “I’m covered under Apple Care. And my issue is not with my USB port. It’s with my dead screen.”

“It doesn’t matter.” the Genius replied, “It’s unlikely we’ll be able to take a look at it with a defective laptop.”

I left rather pissed. The Genius was polite, but it might as well have been a kick in the balls, since $1500 was half the price of my laptop.

Mac Resource to the Rescue

I immediately went to Mac Resource (in Huntsville) fearing the worst. Was my relatively new MBP a $3,000 dollar paper weight?

Luckily, Mac Resource ignored my minor hardware defect. And they also honored my Apple Care Warranty.

Within a few weeks, I had my MBP up in running order. Mac Resource mentioned that two weeks isn’t their normal turn-around time, and that they strive for 3-4 days (apparently there was some large priority order ahead of me).

Conclusion: Thoughts on Apple Care

I find it rather discomforting that I paid the extra expense for Apple Care when the original equipment manufacturer refused to take my laptop without some stupid fee.

However, I’m thankful that a third-party company honored my warranty, and would overlook a hardware defect and get down to the real problem.

Thanks Mac Resource. You guys are awesome.

And to those guys at the Apple Store… a laptop gets banged around, especially if you use it a lot. The screen failing was not my fault. You shouldn’t have let a minor USB hardware defect get in the way of a long-term customer.

Official “Apple Care” went down a notch in my book.

5 thoughts on “Apple Support and Mac Resource in Huntsville”

  1. I don’t understand why AppleCare didn’t cover your problem. The AppleCare Protection Plan extends your computer’s 90 days of complimentary support and one-year repair coverage to up to three years of support. It seems like your problem should have been covered if it was within three years from when you bought it.

  2. The issue with MAC, as well as anyone else in the service industry, is interpretation. Ron brought the laptop in one day & the Apple “Genius” ( I use the term loosly) saw the dent and said “no”. That day, the “Genius” was literally interpreting the rules and took “no outside damage” as absolutely none.

    Ron could have handed the laptop to someone else or to the same “Genius” another day and everything would have gone fine.

  3. It still amazes me that people rant over Apple technology when it’s basically Intel hardware, just like the PC. Let me explain…..

    Apple used to be different back when they ran the 6502, then the 6800, and then the 68,000 series processors years ago. But the Motorolla 68000 processor lost the performance race to Intel and Apple was forced to rethink their architecture. So, what did they to? They ‘jumped over to the winning team’ – they climbed into a PC platform! Now granted, the OS is different and there is a slight BIOS difference but Windows will run fine an an Apple box because it’s the same hardware!

    But what does this mean? Apple and Windows are closer cousins than most would admit to.

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