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I got a groovy e-mail from a friend that said:

You are on 🙂


Maybe I should quit my day job, no? Ok, not really. Blogging definitely doesn’t pay enough, but it’s good to know people like my stuff.

9 thoughts on “Another Notch on My Belt – Most Popular”

  1. Congratulations!

    That’s a big accomplishment – if you quit your day job, you might be able to make more money with blogging. You have the skills

  2. I’ve written a couple of articles and blog posts that have briefly made it onto the homepage of a couple bookmarking sites in the past… I think it’s great, even if only for a short time frame!!

    Nice job, way to go!

  3. Not bad at all… Good content that many people need is what gets you put on the homepage, and is exactly what you provided. WordPress is still so hot, so any innovative or new ideas, plugins, etc. get noticed quickly and spread like wildfire.

  4. Congratulations. For those of us who are less fortunate, would you be willing to share more about this experience? I’m curious to know if the delicious traffic levels eventually died off, whether it brought in long term readers (RSS subscribers, for example), and any other interesting findings from the experience. Thanks.

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