“So I’ve watched every single Final Destination movie that has ever, ever, come out, and I have this one death scene I absolutely have to fucking see.” Andrews screamed enthusiastically to the other Google Hangout members.

“Go ahead,” Roth agreed.

“So it’s a gas station. There is no body there. Clouds are stormy lookin’. There looks like there’s going to be a fucking tornado, right?”

“So up comes this douche, and I’ll call him the torture douche because that’s what I want to do to him. Torture the torture douche. Am I right?”

Andrews chuckled to himself.

“So torture douche is fillin’ up his car. As his car is being filled up, along comes a semi-tractor filled with liquid nitrogen… the shit that they used in the Terminator. Whatever fucking movie it was, it was in the Terminator. Anyways, this tractor decides to overturn next to torture douchebag. It spills its cargo, so now torture douche is up to 2 feet of this shit. He’s frozen solid and there’s nothing he can do. He grabs onto the gas thingy, pulls it out, but it’s spillin’ gas all over him. So a storm is still a brewin’ and lightning strikes near the torture douche. The gasoline is lit on fire, so he’s frozen bottom two feet, the remainder is scorched into flames.”

Andrews gets louder as he continues: “Then the storm glares a twister. Fucking hammers the gas station, so this dude blows apart from the tornado, and then the tornado is raining down fucking liquid and gas.”

The hangout goes silent.

“This would be something we’d send to the Sci-Fi channel man. That was fucking amazing!” Roth said.

Andrews, “So what do you think, Storyboard?”

“I want to run this one up the chain. This can be used for a lot of these, and maybe a publicity one.”

Andrews went silent.

“So you may get this made for cheap if we can agree to new terms.”

“Absolutely.”Andrews said.

“Alright.” Roth said, “Let’s get out of here, and go up the chain to see how we can get this made for cheap.”

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