Anberlin's Cities

Anberlin - Cities

Last week I bought Anberlin’s new CD at the same time I bought Fall Out Boy’s. So far I’m pretty disappointed with the Fall Out Boy CD, but finding the gem of Anberlin was well worth it.

Anberlin isn’t a Christian band, but the band does have some Christian members. After a week of listening to the album, I highly recommend at least a listen on their MySpace profile. The band seems to consist of a lot of different bands I like such as Finch, The Used, The Ataris, and Garbage. The lead singer’s vocals are great as well.

One song that isn’t on their MySpace profile is a song called (*FIN). It’s a must listen and seems like a scream of desparation and confusion:

We’re not questioning God
Just those he chose to carry on his cause
We’ll grow better, you’ll see
Just all of us, the lost causes

If you do decide to get the CD, the one at Best Buy has three bonus tracks (Uncanny, There is a Light That Never Goes Out, and The Promise).

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  1. I haven't been here in a while 😛 ! I'm a big fan of Anberlin and am glad to see that you enjoy them too. Although, I'm not a Christian, I appreciate the positive music. I agree, everyone should give them a listen.

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